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Dolls Kill

2525 16th Street, Suite 410
San Francisco
United States - 94103

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 415 932 6809(International Callers) 1 2
+1 424 348 7625​(Text) 0 1
Mon9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Return Address:

1414 Harbour Way South, Suite 1701
Richmond, California 94804

Dolls Kill Complaints & Reviews

Dolls Kill / service / return policy / paypal scam

Apr 16, 2019

Ordered from this shop and when my packaged showed up (10 days after ordering!) it had a wrong item and an item that was in poor condition. Patronizing baby speak reaply from their email / nobody picks up the phone. Eventually I ran out of patience and had to file a claim with paypal. They...

Dolls Kill / shipping/poor customer service

Feb 14, 2019

I ordered a few items for valentines day for my daughter. The system showed that it shipped on 2/7, and I paid priority to have it arrive within 2-3 days. The tracking shows that it never shipped and only a label was created. Customer service was not helpful. I asked for a replacement to...

Dolls Kill / costumer service

Oct 17, 2018

All of the costumer service lines listed are rigged to go straight to a voicemail saying you're busy and then hangs up. At all times that i've tried calling and on both numbers provided. The text message number also does not reply. I just sent an email and i'm hoping for the 200$ I just...

Dolls Kill / customer service

Aug 27, 2018

Had a problem with a jumper I ordered, it was falling apart and badly made; unfinished hems, loose threads, holes and pieces falling off every time I moved it! I contacted customer service and heard nothing. Luckily I paid through paypal so opened a case to which they responded, asking my...

Dolls Kill / delivery, tracking and customer service and overcharged

Jan 09, 2018

By far the worst customer service I have ever received. Firstly, I purchased my order and got the confirmation page which was all fine. The next day I checked my bank account and see that dolls kill had charged me $200 more than the price confirmed that I payed, and then I checked my...

Dolls Kill / where's their customer service?

Nov 21, 2017

Absolutely worthless and useless. Hopeless and terrible. All of the items I ordered from them were cheap looking, some of them were worth their price, but some were terribly overpriced for no reason. Good luck in contacting them. I had no luck at all. I tried 4 or 5 times and no one picked...

Dolls Kill / still waiting for nothing...

Oct 13, 2017

Buying from them is like flushing your money down the toilet. I ordered a beautiful dress and it never arrived. Saying this because it's been 3 months since I placed my order and there was no any tiny sign of it at all. Their customer service rarely replies, but their emails contain nothing...

Dolls Kill / never received order, company won't give refund

Oct 06, 2017

I ordered an item from dolls kill on 9/10/17. I never received it. I had much difficulty getting them to respond to my emails about it. Then they said they'd resend it. Two weeks passed I didn't receive it. I emailed again and even though their auto-reply is "somone will get back to you... / order didn't arrive

May 08, 2017

I want to know where my order is! Ordered a pair of boots from and they never came. I found dolls kill on instagram and was amazed with all the cool designs and fell in love with their store and immediately made my order. I made a mistake not reading the reviews first! I...

Dolls Kill / dolls kill are just a bunch of liars

Jan 18, 2017

When I found about this site I immediately made a order because everything on their site looked amazing! In total I have ordered 5 items from them and when I received my order and tried everything on I realized two items were too small. I contacted dolls kill and asked for a refund and...

Dolls Kill / do not deal with dolls kill! very low quality

Jul 20, 2016

I have ordered a pair of shoes from when I received them I was extremely happy because these were the most expensive and the most beautiful shoes i've ever got. The next day i've put them on and went to work. Wore them only once and one sole fell off!! When I came home...

Dolls Kill / very bad experience

Feb 11, 2016

Do not order anything from dolls kill! I made an order and they charged me extra 25$ for shipping. It was suppose to arrive in three days, but it never did! So I tried to track the package but could not do that. I immediately contacted customer service to check what was going on and their...

Dolls Kill / strange company

Jan 20, 2016

I purchased two pairs of shoes from dolls kill. They charged my credit card and few minutes later I received a confirmation email. Two days later I got another message stating that they cancelled my order because the information I provided did not match with the information my bank had... / the dress was torn and seller refused to get it back

Sep 13, 2015

We bought dress for my daughter from the company we bought for 13-14 years girls, but the seller sent us the wrong dress. It was short and the size was wrong. As well as the dress had two skirts and one of these skirts was torn. We couldn’t fix it; therefore we informed... / they didn't send info about the order

May 28, 2015

I placed the order on the website, when it was black friday. It was mentioned that within 24 hours they would provide info about the delivery and other info, which would confirm the order. I was shocked, when I waited 5 days and still got nothing. I checked my mail box... / after 2 months I still haven't received my order

Dec 11, 2014

People, don’t buy from the company I ordered skirt and blouse for my daughter from them. It was mentioned that the delivery would take 3 weeks. I waited 2 months and still nothing was delivered. The company is real scam, as well as it was impossible to reach them... / seller refused to change the size

Oct 12, 2014

Don’t buy from the website I bought some clothes from them, but the size turned to be wrong. I hoped to change it, but the seller refused to take it back and provided another size. I was really disappointed that the seller refused and the services were the worst...

Dolls Kill / misorder, misdelivery, no refund - big shopping mistake

Aug 07, 2013

The company charged doubled my order and misdelivered my package. It took a week to get back in contact with me. Refunds not yet received. On may 25, 2013, I purchased three items from the company: a unif nevermind skirt, a unif bustier and a pair of unif hellsea boots. My order, #100057006...

dollskill / never buy from!!!

Oct 03, 2012

My order has not arrived after four months... Not even getting replies from their people anymore. This is getting pathetic the site looks legit but it's a f*cking scam people. Terrible custom service agents. get your sh*t together dollskill