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Video games are a big industry and as a gamer, I love seeing the expansion to mobile platforms. Gameloft has done a great job of pioneering this field. However, their customer service is horrendous. I am a long time player of their game Modern Combat 4. I'm one of the top ranked players in the world. I've helped their company identify and ban hundreds of cheaters, even when their own staff seemed to stop caring. This effort I undertook with several other games kept people playing this game — which is not a free game — and making in-app purchases.

And then one day, with no explanation, they ban my account, claiming I've been identified a cheater. I've helped keep this revenue stream alive for them and have a hard-earned reputation as a legit player. If you look at my game stats, there are no red flags. Nothing that indicates I cheat. Yet they banned me with no reasoning or justification. Their customer care team is worthless. They offer no explanation and gave me support tips for the wrong game. They have since been unreachable despite multiple attempts at contact.

Gameloft takes your money and wants you to play their games, but then will throw it away with no regard to the customer. This is unethical and hurts the reputation of all of France.

Jan 14, 2017
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  • Ji
      Dec 06, 2017

    Same happened to me. I've opened another account. They banned it too. And another one. I was lucky to meet some adequate person from support team on gameloft forum. She contacted developers directly and after investigation they finally unbanned all my accounts. Unfortunately this forum doesn't operate any more.

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