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I am seriously fed up with the god damn stronghold update. I ### hate it (pardon my language, but I only swear when I am pissed off)! I left a review in the app store, but I honestly don't think you guys read them since I've never seen you reply to any of them. Anyways, for starters, I hate that I now don't have a choice in who's stronghold I raid unless I pay with quartz, though that's not the real problem. The problem is that the minions are too ### powerful, even when they logically shouldn't be. I am in the Warrior 3 rank, and all my armour and weapons are tier 5 and all maxed out, yet I can only win like 1 in 15 raids, if that. And every time I get bumped down to Warrior 2, I have no problem going back up. But for some damn reason, once I hit Warrior 3, its ### impossible! Its one thing if a few people have overpowered minions, but apparently everyone does! I shouldn't need legendary equipment to win raids when I'm only halfway up the ### ranks! And I shouldn't have such a frustrating experience every damn time I play the game! You should either lower minion stats so that people can have a ### chance to win, or allow us to raid people in a lower rank like you used to.
On a side note, I also hate how you switched to those stupid stronghold stones. Since its basically impossible to win a raid, I can barely get any stones, so I can't buy new minions or boosters, which means I can't get anything to help me win, and it goes in a vicious cycle. So either get rid of them, or again, don't make it so damn hard to win.
I'm not exaggerating either, its been 2 weeks since I've won a raid. It's ### ridiculous, and both me and my friends are really considering deleting the game because of these new updates

Feb 1, 2017

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