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On Friday (19th May) I purchased a Lenovo Intel Celeron notebook, from the Game store in Greenacres, , Port Elizabeth, which was on special for R3998.00. Today, the 22nd May, (3 days later), I attempted to return the product because it was not successfully installing various programs that I require for my PhD in biochemistry, which I am currently busy with. These programs included a new version of MS word, where the machine runs the installation process but does not complete it.

When attempting to return this product. I was told to take it to the universities IT department to rectify. As this is a brand-new laptop, I did not deem this necessary as for the money I spent I want a functioning computer, and as the machine is giving problems already, I just wanted my money back.

I was accused by the store manager of corrupting the software on the machine (I have barely used it as I have only had it for 3 days). When I asked about Game’s refund and exchange policy, he became very belligerent with me, saying that he did not know what I did to the machine, and that software and electronics are not covered by the return policy. When I argued with him on this matter, he remarked to me in a very condescending manner saying that “Ma’am, you are a PhD student. You should be smart enough to understand why I can’t refund you.”
Game Greenacres has refused to refund me or even offer me an instore voucher, instead they have booked the machine is for assessment by the IT department. This is adding further delay on my studies and I do not see why this is necessary as I have had the computer for less than 7 days, and I am not happy with the product.
I do not appreciate the way in which I was spoken to, as it was very demeaning and caused me emotional distress. I am already under enough pressure study wise, and now Game with its rude staff has placed extra financial and emotional strain on me. Game has always been known to me for its good customer service, but after this experience, I can safely say that I will never purchase anything from them again. I do not know how a company can allow employees to speak to customers in such a rude manner, as well as refuse to return brand new items.

May 22, 2017

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