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Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Online shopping

The issue that I have experienced was: Order placed and paid for on the 21/11 for a TV, order cancelled next day.
Called call center to confirm cancellation and was advised that due to high volumes of mails and orders they never go to it. I was advised that i need to reject the order so it can be returned to the warehouse and the refund can be processed. Needles to say after many mails sent by me it appears that to date the left hand still does not know what the right hand is doing. I was assured by Tanya Martin she will be dealing with the matter and that she would manage the return and refund. I then received a mail on the 8 December advising me that the goods had been delivered to me - how is this possible when i cancelled and was advised that it had been returned to the warehouse?

It occurred on: 21/11/2018

refund to be processed

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,

Lo-Ann Nixon

Registered email address [protected]
Order number [protected]

1202 Planet Crescent, Aegean Estates, Wilgehuewel ext 6
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Dec 12, 2018

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