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Have Bought An HD Decoder (Dstv) on 24/11/2017 at Game stores, shop 65 Bloed Mall.Pretoria CBD.Queues were long and I received a call to come home, left after paying for the Decoder, Didn't collect it.
Went back on Monday the 27/11/2017, came across a man with A very Bad attitude who I was told is the store manager.
Was told that they don't have proof that I didn't get the decoder in which I was assisted by a very helpfull sales man (I think His Name was Joseph, if not mistaken )., who went into tho system and said It they have extra stock then it would mean the extra is mine..Did and found 20 on the system in which when He went for a physical count, there were only 11 they could find (Already the stock was a mess), l.
He politely explained to me that He will call the very bad attitude man who threw his tantrums, and claiming I should leave my number they will count and call me back and if they don't then there is nothing he can do, ...2 days overdue, which I assume I'm not gonna be offered any assistant whatsover.
Tried tirelessly to contact the store, include customer care but I just couldn't get through.
Was made aware that I will not get either the decoder or my money back if the stock is not balancing, which was messed and already 8 decoders were not traceable.
Can I be informed of procedures to follow.
Have included my number at the bottom of this message...Will then draft an email with the till slip attachment and impatiently waiting for the feedback.

Game Stores South Africa /

Nov 29, 2017

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