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Good day

I bought a verimark product from your shop in vincent about two months ago (See receipt) and only to find one torch does not function.

Due to time constraints, I couldn’t go into the shop immediately to complain and I finally got to it today 29th march 2010 and arrived at the shop at approximately 14h15.

The experience was awful from minute one, I explained my self at your service counter to a thin lady who in turn rudely told me I should have brought all torches with me. I then pointed out that only one torch is faulty, she mumbled and complained about having to redeem-or something like that-r99 for one torch. Evidently, she was not interested in working. She used the telephone for at least 15 minutes and hang up.

She then took off into the store past the cashiers, so slow it was amazing. Returned 10 minutes later; went to the counter on the left of the main door and stood there for another 17 minutes, all the while, totally ignoring me, on purpose that is.

I finally confronted the gentleman (I think he is the manager) who got involved and within 25 seconds, I got my new working torch.

Please note this is not about the torch, it’s the principle. The lady is totally unqualified to deal with the public. Her attitude really gets to everyone most definitely, as she is blunt about it. How many more people put up with her, I don’t know.

All I wanted was a new torch; the one sold to me was not working. I wasted a lot of time there; no communication with me to keep me updated etc.

I have been shopping at game all my life and am really disappointed in your quality of staff who cant handle the basics at that store…Warm regardsVictor mokwena
Regional contracts manager (Ec)
Regional office
P. O. Box 936, east london, 5200
Tel: +[protected]
Mobile: +[protected]
Fax to email: +[protected]
E-mail: [protected]@fidelity.Co. Za

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  • Th
      May 10, 2011

    I have bought a laptop from Game Stores in Canal Walk on the 30th of January 2011 on credit. In March the right click of the mouse became faulty, it just stopped working and in the beginning of April I tried in vain to switch the laptop on. I took the laptop to Game Stores and they just refused to fix it or take it back although I only had it for 2 and a half months. I still have 3years to pay the laptop and refused to pay for something I cannot use.

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  • Mi
      Oct 21, 2013

    There is absolutely NO SERVICE or ASSISTANCE at the Game Store in the Highveld Mall in Witbank. Staff sit and lounge around in the aisles whilst Managers parade around in front of the store, appearing to be "busy". This is now the second time that we have experienced NO HELP whatsoever! I suggest Head Office look into this and DO SOMETHING about it!

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  • So
      Jan 05, 2015

    The service at game witbank is so pathetic that i would rather pay more at amother store than ever going there again. Its the third time i stood at the electronic department for more than 20 minutes without any service this is pat pathetic and un acceptable.

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  • Tb
      Feb 28, 2015

    Today i went to game store, cape town, mitchells plain and the service was terrible. I bought a box of huggies the price was R369 and i saw a box at reggies store for R300, games promise to its customers are that they'll beat any price, but they dont tell you what you need to go through to actually get them to bring the price down for you, i had to wait more then 10 mins for someone to actually assist me then i had to go all the way to reggies to get proof that their in store price is cheaper then theirs, i had to then wait for assistance and was eventually offered a discount of R7 ridiculous.

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  • Ru
      Feb 28, 2015

    Only a two year old would mistake being told no as rudeness. You have no right complaining about her being slow when you were slow in returning the product. Perhaps she had a reason to be slow. I suggest you grow up and start shopping with a parent until you are more mature. Telling you no does not make her unqualified to deal with the public. They have a return policy and you cannot handle returning products in a timely manner. This is your fault not theirs.

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  • Ka
      Feb 10, 2016


    Mother and Father bought and paid for a KIC 314l B/L Fridge 15 days ago on the 27-1 2016.
    No stock delivery as yet.

    They were told that the fridge's delivery date would be the [protected].
    Today is the 10.2.2016. No Phone Calls. No NOTHING.

    I want My Money Back OR My Fridge.

    K.Whittle [protected]

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  • Ke
      May 26, 2016

    this is what I sent to GAME head office: I'm writing to complain about the appauling customer service in GAME Worcester. (63 Broad street WR1 3LY.) I bought a PS4 a few days ago in a bundle with 1 game (£300), yet today I went in and found out there was a bundle for the same price, with 2 games. Naturally I went to question why I only got one game, and the salesman said that if I bring a receipt I would be able to get another one. I decided to get it done the same day, so I went home (which takes me 30 minutes) only to come back to town so be told that the deals have changed. Now, the man told me that deals change every Friday, and there hasn't been a Friday between when I got the PS4 to now, so whether he was lying or there was a serious problem with people knowing the days of the week, I don't know. I've been going to the same GAME store for the last 10 years, and I won't be going again. The salesman was rude and abrupt, with little compassion, and didn't smile even once. He completely wasted my time. I thought I should let you know, as I am sure you don't want someone with such an attitude to represent you and your company, as that is primarily what he is doing. I've in essence lost £50, and 2 hours of my day, of which I could've been spending my money in stores that deserve it. And FYI, the place stank of cannabis.

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  • Do
      Jul 25, 2016

    Went to Game Jeffreys Bay today 12pm 25/07/2016 to look for Pepsi max as we are a group of diabetics, nothing at all in fridges, so i went to the information kiosk and waited 30 min, eventually i approached security because store was empty, staff just standing around looking at me. The security went to the cell c kiosk and asked them to call someone, still no response, then a lady from the floor called someone, this person was rude a (black lady) i asked her to check stock on the pc and she refused saying whats on the floor is whats available. The lady from the floor asked someone else to go and check in the back and lo and behold, plenty of stock, i purchased 18x2Litres, i used to work in jbg for pick and pay, and know some of the staff at game by name and they all commented she is lazy except the floor lady who rather kept quiet. This will be published in the local newspaper and P.E as i know it will not be delt with as it should, a photo of the info kiosk was taken.

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  • Br
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - Why don't you deliver as promised
    United States

    I have now had enough of the terrible service from Game Stores. Over the past 2 months I have spent over R 20 000 on appliances from Game. With my first purchase I had to constantly phone the store (Sandton) to find out about delivery, I was constantly lied to but eventually they delivered.

    On the 6th March I purchased an LG fridge from Game in Alberton City. I was told that there is no stock but stock was expected in the week and delivery would be on the 11th March. Today (15th March) i had to contact the store to enquire when they would deliver. After having the phone put down on me twice I spoke to someone who said that the stock would now only arrive on ther 29th March. When I asked what happened to the 11th, LG was blamed for not delivering stock.

    I have been out of pocket for R9 000 for 2 weeks now and will probably be out of pocket for a month before they decide to deliver. If I had known this I would have only bought the fridge on the 29th. I would like my fridge delivered this week or some for of compensation from Game for their lack of delivery.

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  • Tr
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - I am absolutely horrified with the bad service that I receive from your stores
    United States

    I am absolutely horrified with the bad service that I receive from your stores in Brooklyn and Centurion. I asked the staff in the games department about some video games that were advertised, and they did not even know where anything was. They kept sending me to another staff member, but they had the exact same problem! They know nothing! Your staff are just standing around and chatting away with eachother, not at all willing to help the customers. Even at the tills, the staff have such a terrible attitude, and they bark at us! They are not polite or professional at all!

    I finally walked out of both Centurion and Brooklyn stores, because I am not prepared to pay for such horrible service!

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  • Be
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - Experienced an extreme case of 'I do not care, I just work here'
    United States

    I experienced an extreme case of 'I do not care, I just work here' when returning damaged goods at GAME.

    Instead of explaining what must be done to get my product replaced, the customer service assistant and the customer service manager just referred to their company care process and claimed they could not help me.

    After a long discussion where I as the customer deducted how to circumvent the company care process though asking the right question, I was able to get my product replaced. But there was no suggestions or ideas from the store´s side and the customer service people were as helpful and charismatic as a brick stone...

    My only feedback to GAME is: Time to change your customer care staff or give them a proper customer care training and monitor real customer satisfaction...or you WILL loose customers and business. (Never underestimate the power of Word-Of-Mouth!)

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  • Ki
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - 'Out of Stock' on the busiest day of the week
    United States

    I am a loyal customer of Game and have been for quite some time. I saw a TV Plasma stand (Oscar TV Plasma stand) on special for R999 and made a point of making sure that I go and get on Saturday ([protected]). When we got to the Westgate branch we were very casually told that they were out of stock. With quite some annoyance (as saturday is your busiest day, wouldnt you make sure that you have plenty stock for something that was on SPECIAL!?!?) we asked the rep on the floor to phone Cresta's branch and find out if they have stock. We were informed that Cresta have plenty and we should make our way there.

    At Cresta, there were 2 other couples standing around looking for assistance. The furniture salesperson was nowhere to be found. I found someone who worked there and asked if she could help us or at least get someone to help us. She very rudely told me that I should go and ask at info... ME, THE CUSTOMER, must go walking around the store searching for someone to assist me!

    TO MY SUPRISE, when the sales rep finally surfaced we were informed that there was NO stock at Cresta either!! I called Northgate today - ANOTHER SURPISE - there IS stock, but the SPECIAL IS NOW OVER!!!

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  • Ig
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - Parts missing after repair
    United States

    On Dec 24th, I had taken in my Electrolux, vacuum cleaner, which was just +- 2 mths old, in for repairs. I had enquired into how long the estimated time for the repair would be & was told by the supervior that it would be bet. 4-6 weeks as repair cen tres were closed for the Dec, vacation. In Jan 2010, Game customer service staff had called to ask if the cone that fits into the motor could be repaired as a cost of R114.00 to me, I had agreed on this 2 days later. In Feb this year, when i had enquired into where my Vacuum cleaner was I was told that the go-ahead for the repair had not been agreed upon by me, i had then agreed upon this for the 2nd time by now & they had called me by the 22nd of Feb to advise that my item was ready for collection . On the 28th Feb when i had went into the store to collect my item, i was furious to find that the part that i was being charged for despite the warranty, had not been there, just the motor was there. The supervisor assured me that they will contact the repair centre & would give me a call by Monday, it is now Wednesday & still no feedback received from Game Greenstone. A very dissappointed customer...

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  • Ha
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - Shocking service from provider
    United States

    We purchased a Toshiba Satellite Laptop from Game in Oct 09. In Jan the laptops hard drive crashed and we called Game. They told us we needed to speak to Incredible Solutions which handle their PC problems. I spoke to one consultant who told me to return the laptop. I asked my husband to call the next day again and the consultant tried to assist but also said we needed to return the machine to Game which we did. At this point no calls have been logged with Incredible Solutions?Joe, the manager told us that is not the process, a consultant is supposed to come to our house. He came 3 days later and took the laptop. Moshe was the cosultant who was handling the query. He called to say that it was a software problem and needed to pay R250. I told him that it cannot be software if I cannot even boot off the machine (I am in IT)!! He told me they would send the machine to Mustek who will fix it.. Every 2 days I phone and there is always a long story as to why it is taking so long. First blaming Mustek, then the parts have not arrived. Now the consultant is off sick. I have never had such pathetic service! I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM GAME AGAIN!!! STILL WAITING!

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  • Mi
      Aug 11, 2016
    Game - Excuses, excuses, excuses and no service
    United States

    On Saturday I took my vacuum cleaner back to Game as I have an Extended Warranty and the thing is not working. I was told that as it was a new store they did not have transport to take items out for repair and would only be able to do this from 01 November. When I said that that was okay, I was told that that was too long and that I should take the item to another Game Store. I said that I didn't mind the delay and was again told to take it to another store. Now surely if another store has the vehicle to take it out for repairs, then that store could also just collect the item from this store and take it where it needed to go. New store, first and last time I will visit it and will make sure that I let everyone know how bad the service is ... did I say service... there was NONE!!!

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  • Kl
      Aug 26, 2016

    If Game Klerksdorp wants to start selling foodstuffs and meat, please do not put your rotten meat on special to try and get rid of it, rather throw it away. Do you know that if a person buys rotten meat at a store, they will never ever buy meat there again !!!

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  • Re
      Jan 31, 2017

    game store free state BHM I open an account at game store only to find out there is two account links in my name how is that possibly I don't know I have being complaint sending emails but still the matter has not being resolved I am getting fed up with the situation know my name has been back listed concerning the account I knew nothing about

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  • Lu
      May 03, 2017

    I bought an item from Game Southgate, paid for it in full. I was promised the item to be delivered yesterday. I called the store and was advised that the item is on it's way. A day later, and I'm still waiting. Once they have your money they couldn't care if you received your item. It's a disgrace!!!

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  • Nd
      Jun 20, 2017

    I took my LG TV to Game Jabulani Mall for repair because it has a sound but no picture 31-05-2017 it's still under store warranty and has extended warranty which expire 2019, after 2 weeks I receive a message that before they can fix the TV I must pay +-R1350.00 for replacement of the part, I called and told them that the TV is still under warranty the ridiculous answer I've ever heard that I have to pay because the insects has eaten some wires inside the TV b8llSh!T..insects only eaten wires for pictures only but there was still sound coming out, even a toddler can tell its technical fault not the crab they told me, since then no one has bothered to call and apologized it's not my fault that Game is not giving their staff a proper training before they can call customers before checking their documents properly and I wonder how many people who were told to pay and really did that for something that they not supposed to pay for, tomorrow it will be 21 days since they took my TV and I was told that I have to wait for 21 days i'm waiting I want to see if i'm getting it...I don't know whether is should blame director's, managers or black people on this one however I'm gatvol with my black sister's and brother's attitude towards blacks when there's a white person, Indian etc they give best service I never used to complain but now I do it's my money and if they want to give proper customer service they might as well stay home.

    Unhappy customer

    Mr. Mandla Ndlovu

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  • Zo
      Dec 13, 2017

    I bought a fridge at Game on the 4th of December 2017 at Mall @ Reds. The service I received was awful. I don't know if staff there are tired or just not happy. They are so incompetent to do their job. For a single transaction, it took them hours to complete. The invoices were done wrong and had to be printed twice. Even so they were still wrong I had to go stand for 30min to get credit. It took me almost 2 hrs to purchase 1 fridge. They are not aware of the promotions in the shop, they were arguing with me and I had to show them the pamphlet for them to believe me really??. The fridge was supposed to be delivered in King Williams Town and to date I have been following up with the lady Jennifer who is the Manager and she promised to get back to me and she never did. I spoke to Patrick and he also advised that he would get back to me and he also never did. The last one was Mandla also he could not tell me what was happening with my order. This is the first time I am buying from them and I will never again. The service was soooooo poor it's shocking.

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  • Wa
      Feb 05, 2018

    Service / Warrantee Complaint on Card Number [protected] for Gail Compton


    with regards to the above mentioned member, she had recently returned an external hard drive that she had purchased 9 months earlier on her Game card from "Game Knysna", although Game Knysna staff can see the transaction for the purchase on her Game account they have claimed that they cannot repair or replace the faulty device until they can find the copy of the receipt of purchase.

    It is now several weeks later and the staff at Game Knysna still state that they have not found the copy of the receipt and that they cannot replace or repair the faulty product, I would now have to insist that this matter is sorted out as a matter of urgency to avoid any consumer protection remedies being enforced and any legal actions being commenced, further to this if not rectified I will take advantage of the extensive internet social media options to make the entire country aware of the short comings of Game South Africa and Massmart.

    I implore you to take the necessary actions to rectify this matter with urgency.

    Kind regards
    Wayne Compton
    Managing Partner
    Compton Brothers

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