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Gaia Online / friend was bannished for no real cause

1 Steubenville, OH, United States Review updated:

My friend by handle "kitty darkness" was banished from gaia online, I don't know the whole situation. However she was accused of hacking when she's not exactly capable of such things. First they disabled her trading pass, then banish her from the sight. I wish her to be reestablished asap. She was just running a charity for gaia gold for people wanting things they are unable to afford. I was an active donor to her charity forum.

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  • Ic
      25th of Jan, 2010
    -4 Votes

    If she has a Gaia account, your friend can hack, scam, cheat, and steal. There's no such thing as being "not exactly capable of such things". Your friend is welcome to create a mule and fill out the form linked to her in her banning notice to plead her case. If she is innocent, she will have to prove that. I'm not sure why you're reporting such a thing on a consumer watchdog site. A quick perusal of Gaia's TOS would show you that your friend agreed to the rules when she made an account and broke them, either knowingly or unwittingly, which doesn't matter. Gaia hasn't made any false promises or done anything shady - they are protecting their legitimate users from scammers and thieves.

  • Lu
      21st of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @iCarly By protecting legitimate users u mean people like me? People who got hacked, without any fault whatsoever, that have been in Gaia for 10 years or more ... and still, after ONE YEAR i don't have any access to my account? Is that what u mean by protecting? I don't feel protected at all... the least i feel scammed out of all the money (real money) i invested on my avatar. So I kinda go with believing his friend is indeed innocent.

  • Ko
      24th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Messaging them does not help. I messaged gaia twice when I was "temporarily" banned from selling, trading, and buying. Mine was from suspicion of virtual gold (in june 08, it is now april 2010 and I am still temp banned), which I have never got or done. The problem with that is that even if you recieve the gold (or any virtual item unknowingly even) from someone in a trade or marketplace transaction, YOU are still banned, by a regular lowly mod, no less. They have piss poor service and rude mods. This is complete bull to me considering I have spent 100s, yes, HUNDREDS of dollars on THEIR site and havent got squat to show for it. I feel for your friend. I hope she didnt spend money on her account while she had it...

  • Th
      29th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    As i posted before they banned me for accepting a few trades from a user who didn't send them to me [it was in fact a hide my ip with my locked ip, locked ip means i had a program holding the ip so no one can use it] user who actually sent them was named Jk49ever. well i got a pm warning me they would report me. i asked for a list of the items stolen since gaia erased my listing in trades and to give me 1 month to get them due to being hacked by the user JK49ever. the user agreed. 1 week before i had all the items back, only had 3 items to go, and the staff banned me. i sent them a report with all the evidence which in court is reasonable dub-out to their claim. which means i did not violate the tos. they refused to return it. went to BBB they again refused to return my account even with the threat of a law suit by another customer who spoke to the BBB. years go by and the customer appreciation email went out. tried again since it seemed like new staff came in. same result no fix in their gross mistake.

    i'm surprised the FBI, FTC, and FCC have not gotten involved cause gaia online crosses state and international boarders. money IS transacted and lost that last i recalled was a factor in FBI involvement.

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