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Future Shop / Lack of repair of washing machine despite an extended warranty

1 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I posted a complaint a couple of days ago, and have noticed that it does not appear, so here we go again.
l have a washing machine bought through Future Shop and with an extended Service Repair warranty. My washing machine stopped draining in the middle of January, and a call was made to Future Shop to please come and repair it. A technician was sent out to investigate a couple of weeks later, and reported that the pump was broken. He promptly left. We called again a couple of weeks later to find out what was happening regarding the repair of the machine, and a second technician arrived a week later. He looked at the machine (without bringing the replacement pump), and mentioned that it was not the pump that was broken, but rather that there was a cracked pipe. He, too, left without any indication as to when the machine would be repaired. Another couple of weeks went by and another phone call was made to Future Shop. A third technician was sent to look at the washing machine and he mentioned that the two previous parts were returned as Future Shop could not reach a person on the phone number that they had to confirm that the parts should be ordered (whose number they tried calling, I still have no idea). this technician asked that I call Future Shop in another 10 days to ensure that the pipe has been ordered. This was done, and I was informed that: "the pipe has arrived and must now be quality tested, which should take 5 or 6 days (so much for manufacturer quality control testing). I phone to follow up when the replacement pipe would be fitted and was informed that the technician would be around next Saturday (10 days later) sometime between 09h00 and 16h00, and no commitment could be made as to the exact time. So, I waited the whole of Saturday, and true to what I have come to expect from Future Shop, nobody called or arrived.

Well, I called again a few days later, and was informed that the technician would definitely arrive this coming Saturday (which is today). When I asked Barbara (the in home appliance service centre repair scheduler) when the technician would arrive (give me a commitment as to a time, as I am tired of waiting the whole day for somebody to arrive - I even reminded her that I am the client, not Future Shop), she said that a computer programme will schedule the appointment the night before the repair will be done so as to optimise the technician's workload (What absolute garbage having a computer do the schedule - why employ so-called schedulers, particularly extremely rude ones?)

Anyway, the technician informs me that he will be at my house at 12h00 to do the repair. He arrived at 13h00, looked at the machine and mentioned that it had a leaking hose (the machine is not even connected to any water supply and is not plugged into the electricity), he then damages the front of the washing machine and leaves the house. I called the Service Centre telephone number, went through the whole process again of trying to find out what is happening to the repair of the washing machine, get transferred to the Parts Centre where no assistance is provided either and attempts to transfer me to the Warranty Department, etc.

I am desperately looking for a person in the Services/Repairs centre who is actually capable of making a decision, does not delegate responsibility to other departments and who can do something about getting this washing machine repaired. I wonder if the CEO or Senior Executives will experience the same frustration as I have, including taking time off work to do washing at the Laundromat twice a week for over 3 months already. Then again, maybe they get their appliances from Sears.

I am left wondering how Future Shop determines its customer service, as there is no published contact number or senior person (i.e. a decision-maker) to whom I can speak to in order to address my concern. What I have noticed is the each time I call to enquire about the repairs, a new Service Order is created - what happened to the previous ones for the exact same repair? Surely if a measurement is in place, it is totally flawed and should be addressed - including follow-ups with clients who have had repairs done (customer satisfaction survey). Maybe no repairs are being done, which then explains the lack of follow-up calls or customer satisfaction surveys [be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand and let the world pass you by]

Apr 19, 2014

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