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on a cashh table b4 the flop i call a raise of $60 as i have jj
flop hits k 10 6 guys raises to $50 i go all in as have jjj he calls my $300+ raise with k10??? only way 2 beat me is 2 clubs hit or 2 kings !!
and yep 2 clubs hit, not impossible however i called raise then reraised he calls with 2nd pair????????????
On any site this would be odd however on full scam its constant its blatantly obvious its site employees or the site has fake computer players on its tables.
PLEASE dont go near this site unless u want to be scamed, remember they tryed scamming the us goverment so whats to stop them scamming on the tables also????

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  • Oh
      May 27, 2011

    Ok, the problem is you did not explain the hand properly. The way you tell the story is that the flop was King, Ten, Six. He bets out $50, you raise all in with a pair of Jacks, he calls as he has (based on your telling of the story) two pair (Kings & Tens). This all sounds reasonable. I love how everyone that losses on Internet poker instantly screams scam. I wonder what your excuse would be at a live game at a casino.

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  • Ra
      Mar 19, 2012

    @ radar2016
    mate your a knob

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