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Full Tilt Poker is a total scam, I play at the casino on bus trips and never this terrible…I deposited $40 on Full Tilt and the first scam is they told me I would get 100% of what I deposited, which you don't, you only get it if you earn enough points, and trust me you won't earn enough points before they rig the cards opposed to you and get all your bankroll. I started off playing tournaments and lost a $5.50 buy in, in 11th place with JJ to A 4…somehow they hit the miracle 3 outer…Then played in a 8.80 tourney in which I ran into quads twice both times with a full house to bust out after being the chip leader and taking it to the river. I started to realize at this point that something was incorrect and took it to the MONEY games and lost AA to QQ, 99, K 10, you name it I went 1/7 with Aces and thats supposed to be an 80% hand…site is really rigged to steal your CASH, I am so ashamed in myself for believing it was a legit site that was honest. Do yourself a favor and if you reckon your the next Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan like I did take your chances at the casino and don't bother even giving them a dime cause your not going to get it back.

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  • Oh
      Sep 15, 2011

    This must have been a while ago because Full Tilt hasn't accepted real money since the ban on pay poker sites went down months ago. Second, what book did you read that said AA is an 80% hand? I've been playing for years and can tell you AA gets cracked all the time, especially in low stakes games and tournaments. The things you described do happen in casino games all the time. I love the trend of people that lose money in online poker immediately think scam when hands don't go their way. When you go to the casino, does every hand you play win? If yes, stop wasting your time on the internet.

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  • Fl
      Jan 02, 2014

    I gotta say in all honesty everyone Full Tilt is a scam regardless of what some people will respond with, First of all there wouldn't be a lawsuit against the company if it wasn't happening... You can't argue that fact can you (Oh Wow Really)!!! What gets me angry the most is that the donkey players win about 70% of the time it's really frustrating to no end, This site has nothing to do with luck it's a scam bottom line... Just my opinion... Court, Sued, all of the above...

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  • Ji
      Jun 16, 2019

    I found them a good place

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