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I have insurance for my car and household goods with santam. My underwriters is the company fsp solutions. My car, a kia sorento, was involved in an accident late afternoon on the 13th of april 2017. We reported the cases to the police and since it was the easter long weekend, I phoned fsp on monday to report the accident. They in return emailed a form that we completed and emailed back to them. My policy also covers me with one month of car hire. The car hire gave me a car on the 18th of april. Fsp then sent their assessor to come and tow my car to the panel beaters and to assess the damage. Early the following week I called fsp to inquire about progress on my car. My call was handled by a male called mohao at their claims department who informed me that a lady called teresa was working on my claim and she is busy with costing as they had received the quotation from the panel beaters. I was told teresa will call me back with an update. Two days later I had not received a call from teresa from fsp, I called again and I was again informed that teresa was not in but she will definitely call me back. I waited no call came through.

On the 2nd of may I called back and I was told again that teresa is busy with costing and I will be called back. At this point I reminded mohao and teresa that it is almost 12 days since my car has been standing at the panel beaters and that my car rental will be expiring in a months time and I will have problems if my car is not yet fixed. This kind of behaviour from fsp went on with me calling them almost daily and being told by teresa that she is still busy with costing and I also kept on reminding her that I am running out of time.

The worst was that on the 8th of may when I called teresa she told me she has been all this time trying to contact polokwane police station where the accident was reported because she wants a copy of the police report and she is not getting any response from the number she is calling. I then told her that this was a very lousy excuse as I have been calling them almost every other day since the 2nd and that she never informed me that they needed the actual report from the police since their company just dont deal with the case number which to me was very funny because this was the first time in my life to hear that a case number only was not sufficient. Anyway I went to polokwane police station immediately and I paid r87 and I got the report whic I emailed to teresa immediately. I called her and she confirmed she has received the email and again my worry with all this delay was the car hire period which was approaching its expiry date.

On the 11th I was informed that the repairs has been approved and the panelbeaters have been informed. Still my question was the expiry date of the rented car but I received no clarity on this. Today the 17th the car hire company came to fetch their car and fsp refused to extend the car hire telling me my insurance covers me for one month only and not wanting to take responsibility as it was them who delayed the whole process.

Another thing that amazed me is that I know my excess to be r5000 only and now fsp is telling me I will have to pay r10000 with no given explanation.

I am here now with no transport and I need a car to get around and to get to work.

I need help with fsp solutions please. I feel they are ripping me off and giving me very shody service.

I desire to be given car hire covered by fsp solution that will last until my car is fixed.
I would also like to be helped that I pay an excess of r5000 which I signed for with santam.

My policy number is : [protected]

Kind regards

Dr mm kewana

May 17, 2017

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