Fruit Of The Loomfruit of the loom men's ringer boxer briefs, 4-pack

What happened!?!?!

I used to be all about your undershirts but they have taken a serious turn for the worst on comfort and quality, I have 3 left from 10 years ago and they are still awesome! I have destroyed a few dozen shirts of your newer style that shrink up, loose there comfort and become just plain garbage, so I had to move on from your tanks to someone else, wish you could go back to your old style and manufacturer, I would come back over.

Today is about your underwear though. I have been buying your standard, "fruit of the loom men's assorted blues boxer briefs, 4-pack" for years. Recently I needed to update my drawer as they wear out, it is what it is, so I figured I would colour up a little. Get some fun underwear, that's when things went terribly wrong! I chose the "fruit of the loom men's ringer boxer briefs, 4-pack" and grabbed 2 packs. The last 20 packs i've purchased have been mediums, they have always fit comfortable, I tried large once and they kept slipping, back to medium. So you're new style fit is wayyyyyyy different. I put them on and went, hmm, little more snug then normal but ok, they'll be good by the end of the day, haven't bought new ones in a while, forgot what new feels like, continue on with my day. So I get ready and head to work. I commute and sit at a desk most of the day, what a painful day. Have you ever been in pain form your underwear? Have you ever been bruised by underwear??? Me either, until yesterday!!! I have a ring around both thighs. I spent 12 hours feeling like someone had tied a cable wire around my legs and tightened it up. It got so bad I actually knelt in front of my desk to work because when I sit down, my thigh shifts or something that seems to feel like it has tripled in size based on the pain in my legs. I kept looping my fingers under the band and trying to stretch it out, lasted about 10 min and then have to do it again, lots of fun while driving through toronto's rush hour traffic!!

So I wanted to take the time to say thanks!! Thanks for wasting my $45, thanks for the bruises, thanks for the memories!!

Ps, as a spin off effect, we had ordered 300 t-shirts from our print vendor for an upcoming walk that we are doing here to help end poverty. I had to contact the vendor to check on brand, sure enough, yours. I advised he may want to send us someone different as i'm not confident they are worth the money. His response, "ya, they've gone downhill lately. Used to be my main brand but they're too cheaply made now."

Building a bit of a reputation. I hope this is taken as the well needed wake up call you guys so desperately need!!

May 19, 2017

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