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I have been a Verizon customer for 15 years. Recently Verizon sold their land line and internet services for our part of the country to Frontier Communications. That's where the problems started. Soon after the switch was made to Frontier I received a promotional card in the mail to receive a phone/internet bundle at a price lower than I was already paying. I called Frontier but was told since was not a new customer I did not qualify for the deal. The represenative told me however that I could switch to a faster internet service for 69.99 which would save me about $5 month. I said no-brainer, make the switch. My next statement came and it was for $88. I called Frontier and was told that the bundle price is $69.99 + taxes, surcharges, gratuity, etc. I got nowhere with the representative I was talking with so I asked for Genivie's supervisor. Her supervisor, Dalton, came on the phone after about 10 minutes. He was real jerk. (I guess I probably wasn't real nice by then anymore either.) I asked to go back to my old plan for $73 but he said that I would be breaking my contract and the cost for that would be $160. I asked to have my original conversation reviewed (they always say they may be recorded) but he said those are for training only and not all are recorded. He went on to say that was sent paper work in the mail with the new rates and that by not replying to the charges listed on their I had given my approval for the new charges. he said I had 30 days to review them. Well it just happens that 30 days from the time I would have received the papers would be several days from this call. So I said well my 30 days aren't up yet. He quickly said, no, it's 30 days from when you make the change, not from when you receive the paperwork. So it was past the 30 days by 2 days and he would not let me go back to my old plan without the penalty.That's the policy! The original representative had offered a $15 month discount for 12 months. Dalton said that was an invalid offer and he would not honor that. So again one of their employees made another offer that was not valid, just like what was made on my original phone call. I'm dropping Frontier and going to someone else. I asked Dalton if he wanted a happy customer? he wouldn't directly answer the question. This change to Frontier was a bad move for many customers.

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  • Be
      Apr 18, 2009
    Frontier - poor service, unreasonable cancellation
    United States

    Flight canceled out of Denver tonight, even though every other airline has flights leaving tonight. Wanted me to fly standby for the next 24-48 hours, telling me that the earliest they may be able to get me out would be Monday (Its Friday now). Poor service, even worse terms of carriage, which oblige you to accept their poor offerings of two day standby or forfeit your refund. Had to book a flight with United (Leaving tomorrow AM) at considerable expense. Interesting - in their terms of carriage they state the they will attempt to put you on the next flight out, even if it is with another carrier - not so, you have to book yourself. Also, trip insurance is a waste of money, since Frontier offered me weak standby, they technically did not cancel my flight for longer than 12 hours, thereby nullifying my ability to obtain insurance reimbursement. Weak, very weak, will never fly with these fools again. A cheap flight ends up costing three times more, and still not at my destination yet. Boo

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  • Ni
      Apr 18, 2009

    I am in your same boat! Stuck in Denver for 2 days for 6" of snow?!?!?! I will NEVER fly Frontier again!!!

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  • Pa
      Jun 25, 2011
    Frontier - poor planning and people skills
    Friesland Enterprise Inc.
    3630 cincinnati ave suite b
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I will never fly Frontier air again!

    Check in: Not seated together after seats had been bought in advance of 4 mths. I have a handicap husband with( ALS ) look it up, and an 8 yr. old daughter.
    Wheelchair was not door when I had put an order in for one to be at the door.
    I pd. for the plus plan tickets and got nothing for it.
    So called flight attendants with no training in how to deal with passengers are the ruddiest I have ever come across. You could find better if you walk down the streets of San Francisco .
    We were not the only people complaining on the flight.
    I have been putting out the word to everyone I know that travels by air, DO NOT TRAVEL FRONTIER!
    Don't feel bad you're not the only one I am upset with, is a sight that you should never get cheap tickets through. I have never filed a complaint before. I do feel my Husband, daughter and myself are owed three round trip tickets to anywhere in the United states, and would prefer them to be with another airline. Just because your airline is (CHEAP) doesn't mean you need to act it! Sincerely, Pamela Fries

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