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You can loose money instead of earning.

My account was suspended from last 10-15 days and today when
verification was successful, i am very surprised to see my account
balance -10 $.
I checked my transaction history and 30 $ has been reversed to revoaviat
for joomla question creator jobs with out any message to me.May i know
what is this
This was the payment which i got after filing a dispute against the
employer when he was not showing interested in releasing payment and now
you are again saying to ask to emplyer to ask for payment...??
Before filing dispute I already send them several message regarding
payment .They dont reply.And when I got my payment after winning the
dispute payment has been again deducted and again i have to depend on
employer mercy???Where is the freelancer rights??

Apr 14, 2014
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      14th of Apr, 2014

    If you are thinking that you can earn money by doing some hardwork on freelancer, Then you might be wrong.Beacuse I have loosed money instead of earning.
    I joined with hope of doing work and earning money.I got the project from revoaviat for creating questions on joomla.
    I delivered the work.
    After getting the work done, the employer stopped communicating with me and did not released the payment.So finally i filed the dispute and won that i got the milestone released as payment in my account.
    Now here comes the trick to deprive you of your payment.
    My account was suspended and i was told to verify.
    I submitted various documents proof and sucessfully verified my account.
    After login i check that my account balance was -10$.Yes it is in negative.
    When i enquired told me that employer has account issues and reversal of payment has been done.
    They said me to communicate to employer to get my payment.
    Do you think employer will now pay me money?They donot reply to my messages .
    So finally what have i got is -10$.
    This is policy.

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  • Wi
      16th of Apr, 2014

    Hello 13rbam,

    This is Will from Thank you for raising this to our attention. I have sent an email through one of your tickets. Kindly check your email and if you have other concerns, you may always send an email at [protected]

    Thank you and have a good day.

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  • K1
      21st of Jun, 2014

    I also had a similar problem, the only difference is that the amount was (80 GBP) which was reversed even though the milestone value was 40 GBP only, and it was released with a 5* feedback. The project was completed 3 months back and the client had closed the account immediately after the project. First, I lost double the project worth. Second, the staff is telling me to beg the client for payment. There is no reason why the client would pay 80 GBP again, after completing the payment of 40 GBP for the project.

    I am working here since the last 4 years, and this site is very weird. I have seen that whenever a person's account balance crosses $2000, it either resets the account to zero or deducts a huge amount. This is the third time it's happened to me. On first occasion, it happened immediately after I had completed $2, 500 project. I made a mistake of blaming my bank for fraud. Second time it happened again after another huge project. I had no option but to move to elance, but there were some returning clients who insisted on This is because the website looks very attractive, and 99% of issues are faced by sellers, not buyers. So, I continued to take their projects there. In 2 years, again the balance became 2, 500 - 3000 GBP, so the manipulations from the website again started.

    To new joiners, it is strongly recommended not to use this website for bigger projects. The moment your balance goes high, it will be either reversed, reset or your account will be closed.

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