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Freedom Mortgage / terrible company

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About two years ago my elderly parents started receiving notices that they were behind on their payment by one month... But they had all their canceled checks. Even though these were submitted to the company the letters continued. About a year ago I moved home due to the death of my father and my mothers illness. Due to her illness I took over finacial matters fully, including making payments. I reviewed all the records regarding their payments and also found that they were not behind. I submitted the information and after fighting with them for nearly six months... Got them to admit that my parents were not behind. There were other issues such as they were not calling us because they thought my parents were in bankruptcy (Had been discharged more than two years prior). Now my mother has been moved elsewhere and I cannot afford to continue this large... Ever rising... Payment. Payment has not been made in nearly seven months... Eight according to their records... Letters come threatening foreclosure (I want this) and I have on rare occasions been able to make contact with them... But still no foreclosure... How can I make them get this over with?

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  • Sa
      25th of Sep, 2008

    WOW where do i start with freedom mortgage

    well we where with in weeks of closing and had done our appraisal and our inspection as told and then all of a sudden we where not qualified. this is already after being told we were qualified and they had gone up on interest once. They told me that they could not use my husbands income because he had not been on the job a 2years--but for me to go and get a job.. Now how did that make sense (i would not be on a job for a 2 years ) I asked for reimbursement and they stated that they paid for the appraisal and i quoted to them that i had the bank statement to show them that I paid the 350 and I paid for it---oh I was told company policy. Things changed all the time and I had to do all the work----RUN PEOPLE RUN I thought at first people just complain but take my word they are telling the truth. My husband was told by this company "Disneyland gets more complaints than anyone" ok i am going to see goofy but it looks like i was dealing with goofy there. My husband and I made enough money to over qualify to refinance our home with them and our payment was going down and they still were not going to do this for us--use your head "this is why people go out of business" they tell you what you want to hear and then hold on to you and then tell you different. Oh the other thing I was going VA no money down and then at the end i was going to have to bring money to the table OOPS they did not tell me that.

    YIKES glad i got out of this one---i lost 405 dollars but word of mouth will lose a lot more for them. be cautious

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  • Ji
      26th of Feb, 2009

    Freedom Mortgage...where to begin. I've never dealt with a more incompetent company in all my years in the mortgage industry. You would've thought they have been living under a rock and have no clue how the mortgage industry works. From them overpromising programs to not fulfilling my closing date. I have been waiting weeks to close a loan that I don't even know is going to close. I iwish I saw these complaints prior to because I would've gone a different route. Freedom mortgage...a.k.a "We Have No Clue What We're Doing Mortgage"

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  • Ro
      15th of Mar, 2009

    Double check between the loan application and the actual loan forms before you sign. It was not the same and we were not notified of the changes. We were supposed to get $20, 000 to pay off credit cards and the purpose of the loan on the app. said to consolidate debt and the final form stated that we could only take out 1% cash out max which was $3400.00

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  • Is
      22nd of Mar, 2009

    Boy, I'm glad I am reading this now before more damage is done. I originally applied for an FHA Slim line mortgage (no money output, and no appraisal). I first was in contact with what I thought was the FHA itself. I was told I was approved, and had papers sent to me, which we signed and mailed backed. Then I heard nothing til I finally reached someone on the phone, and then I was told again I was approved with Freedom mortgage. That papers were coming out to me to be signed? What was it with the papers we signed and sent back priority mail? What happened to our first approval? Anyway, the papers never came. When I called back I was told that I should have received them which I had not. Then I was told the papers would be mailed out again. Which to date I still didn't receive. I paid $400.00 for an appraisal which I was supposed to receive a copy of but did not as of yet. Anyway, I am looking elsewhere, but what I want to know is, which office is the rip off Freedom Mtg. company in? I found five different locations in NJ for Freedom Mtg. Are they all the same company? If anyone who had a problem with Freedom Mtg. reads this please let me know. Thanks,

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  • Im
      7th of Apr, 2009

    I agree with all of you about Freedom Mortgage, I went on line to (877-342-5025). I received a call from a Kimberly Riedel who was a broker to check on the best quote for a fha refinance on my home. She hooked me up to Freedom Mortgage who she claimed approved me for the refinance. They never sent me the paper work after a month since I applied. She lied about calling me and leaving me messages and about fed exing the papers to me. She told me not to pay since she was getting a payoff amount. When my bank sent me letters about not paying and possible foreclosure she then said she didn't mail the papers because I was a month late on my mortgage, and probably was not eligible for the loan. I finally realized the thing was a scam. I am still waiting for my appraisal which I was suppossed to receive and paid $400.00 for. Be wary of this group, if you want to keep your home.

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  • Ty
      8th of Apr, 2009
    Freedom Mortgage - Overcharged
    Freedom Mortgage
    United States

    The Freedom Mortgage try to charge me $3000 more then what is in original agreement and took $600 from my account whit out my promotion.

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  • Ee
      11th of May, 2009

    If your going to make a complaint at least you could use a dictionary, so you sound a little more credible.

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  • Ri
      15th of Feb, 2019

    @eeyore If "your" which should be you're was correct I'd say you weren't calling the kettle black but you are. Check your spelling before throwing the first stone.

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  • Li
      29th of Jul, 2009

    I totally agree with all of you. I was pre-approved via telephone, but after 48 days I was no where near settlement. They are the most incompetent mortgage company I have ever dealt with concerning refinancing. I guess its a good thing I wasn't buying my home as I'm sure the Sellers would have walked given the timeframe that elapsed. I also paid a $350 fee for my appraisal (funny how the numbers are different with others) which I am still waiting for. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!

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  • Ex
      1st of Aug, 2009

    If anyone wants to speak to me regarding this corporation please let me know I worked there and was extremely screwed.

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  • Ah
      21st of Oct, 2009

    Ok so I recieve a post card in the mail from Freedom Mortgage offer a Streamline refinance. It sparked my interest so I call and speak to a Sean Persons who was a very fast talker to see if this is even worth my time. So he asked me to send him personal information regarding my current loan such as home owners insurance, my current mortgage statement and a few other items because he couldn't give me a response without reviewing my information. I can understand that so I faxed him over the requested documents so I can see if this is even worth my time. So I call back hours later to see what he thinks and was told he is busy with other callers that he will just send out information to me in the mail so I can review it myself and make a decision at that point. Apparently the information he sent was the actual application and was already in their processing department. Freedom Mortgage takes it upon their self and calls my insurance company and requests to have my current mortgage company changed to reflect Freedom and tells them I am in the process of refinancing. WTF! I never agreed to anything! I never signed anything! I just wanted someone to tell me if this is even worth my while. I was extremely pissed off as you could imagine. How could I possibly feel comfortable refinancing with a company that conducts business like this. Needless to say I tore the papers up and will put them on blast because this was by far the most unprofessional form of business I have ever encountered. So people be aware apparently they're very SHADY!
    Michelle - Baltimore, Md

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  • St
      7th of Nov, 2009

    Yup... they are indeed incompetent (perhaps even unethical and/or dishonest).

    I submit extra money with our regular monthly payment. They treat it ALL as an extra principal payment and pretend that we missed our monthly payment, then try to charge me a late fee. Had to threaten to call the AG's office to get them to correct their error.

    Then, whenever I do actually send in an extra principal payment, I put BIG notes all over it that it is NOT a monthly payment but strictly extra principal, they apply it to future month's payments and of course, tack on interest for each month.

    Pretty much every month I have to call them to straighten out the account. I can't wait to pay off the mortgage and get these people out of my life.

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  • Dj
      11th of Dec, 2009

    I totally agree...I should've known something was up when my husband and I had to resign documents because the date was incorrect on their paper work. Then I submitted our FIRST payment online, it never posts to my checking account I call them and they tell me it was returned because the account number was wrong. So I repay the payment again and the Representative I'm talking to tells me to call back after the payment posts to have ALL of the fees removed. I call today to do just that and am informed that just this morning they were told they are no longer able to adjust fees and that I can't speak to a Manager.

    They're customer service is awful...if I could refinance today i would...I hate this company!!

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  • Zu
      10th of Jan, 2010

    SteveTheHawk, read your loan docs. Extra payments are not applied to the principal loan amount. The ONLY way to pay off a "Freedom" mortgage early is to pay it in full.

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  • De
      7th of Feb, 2010

    How can people complain about not foreclosing?????
    I would not waste my time talking to idiots like that?complaining that they gave you 7 months to make your payment and would not foreclose!!!And you wanted to get it over with!!!
    How can you complain about such stupid things???
    Make your payments and you won't have anything to complain about!!!

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  • Sj
      24th of Aug, 2010

    I also believe that Freedom Mortgage sucks! My mortgage broker stuck me with this company when I originally purchased my home 6 years ago. Somehow, the mail from my house to their office takes longer to arrive than the reverse because I've had a couple of occassions recently when they have claimed that my payment was late. However their deliquency notice sent to my home arrives within a few days of when they sent it. I've used their on-line payment service when I've thought that there was any chance at all that my payment would be late but they charge one of the highest fee's of any bank I've ever dealt with! Does anyone else routinely pay bills on line without a fee? I do it all the time and it makes sense because it costs the company less money than to have process a check that is received in the mail! I currently have three mortgages with three different lenders and Freedom Mortgage has the highest on-line fee's! They claim not to receive payments in a timely manner even though all of the mortgage payments have been mailed on the same day and the other two are processed and applied to my account prior to the due date. Yesterday, I received a letter from them in response to my letter challenging their business practices and they bascially told me to go pound. Never mind that I've had a clean record with them for the past six years and now all of the sudden they're not getting my payments in time? Sounds to me like they're trying to make up for shortfalls by other customers at my (and probably your) expense. Unfortunately, we're stuck with each other for now, but as soon as I can change that, I will! In the meantime, I would recommend that you avoid Freedom Mortgage because it'll cost you more than you bargained for.

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  • De
      3rd of Sep, 2010

    How can you complain that you do not pay your bills!!!1
    If you pay your bills, there would be nothing to complain about!!!

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  • De
      3rd of Sep, 2010

    Dont you understand that you break out what you want to go to principal and waht goes to payment.

    Loook at your statement and complete it correctly. Nothing can be changed and you cn always make a copy to have as back up. I nver have problems with this!!!

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  • Jo
      2nd of Dec, 2010


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  • Po
      4th of Jan, 2011

    File complaints about Freedom Mortgage with the Federal Trade Commission, hopefully if enough people do it then they will get investigated. We can only hope!!!

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  • An
      1st of Feb, 2011

    The general public is very mistrusting it seems. Why does everyone think the company is out to get you? I have not seen one legitimate allegation of wrong doing. Read your loan paperwork and ask questions. Appraisal fees vary and Freedom does not make money on appraisals. Payoff figures change, ergo cash back changes. Before closing you get "re-disclosures"; almost 100% of the time the numbers will be different. (for a multitude of legitimate reasons) The last thing a loan officer wants are the following: Loans taking 48 day (pay is based on units), Less Cash (unhappy client) appraisal issues or unqualified borrowers (waste of everyone's time) Nobody has a crystal ball, we don't know your appraisal value for sure.(nobody lied to you) A loan officer does not want to deny a file. The law states the ownership of the appraisal is the company originating the loan; regardless of who pays (the law changed w/ the HVCC appraisals, are now transferable) Granted, in every company there are people more competent and skilled then others. Truth is, if the loan officer "pads payoff" in the beginning and does everything "right" the consumer will 9/10 times take the deal with .125% interest less and the GFE that shows more cash (the average mortgage consumer demographic) from XYZ Mortgage (most negotiations= YOU are you own worst enemy searching for the "best deal" )I.E. The people complaining on this board. The consumer who educates himself on the process would not complain about things beyond anyone's control. Bone up before making an allegation. Underwriting is an expensive resource, a company does not want to waste resources sending paperwork, underwriting to only deny a file. Why do you guys think the company should reimburse an appraisal fee? Its your cost with a third party to complete a transaction? If you went to court, hired an attorney and lost, would you expect the court the reimburse the cost of counsel? Why would you expect anything different in a refinance transaction because you didn't get the loan? The complaints are the most puzzling and illogical I've seen In a long time. Disclaimer- I DO NOT work for freedom. I was checking them out as a prospective employee.

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