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  • Ci
      Feb 02, 2010 - charge for report
    United States

    I had went onto this with the idea that it did not cost me anything. I thought I had read that if I want t keep it after so many days that they would be charging me for the upkeep. I just now thought that I was canceling the upkeep and found out from my bank institution that they were trying to take $24.95 out of my account, and that it was pending which would be charged probably this evening.

    Thank you,
    Cindy L. Brinker

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  • Ja
      Feb 02, 2010 or operates in a manner that skirts within the width of a nose hair of illegal. You can only cancel by phoning a number [protected]. That number is engaged 99.999% of the time. Instruct your bank to block any payments to them.

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  • Bo
      Mar 17, 2010 - Falsifying information
    United States

    I obtained my "free credit report" and all three scores from this site and all are completley wrong. The only reason I found out was b/c I am purchasing a home and the mortgage company obtained my credit report as well and my score was 37 points LOWER than the score I was given through Free Credit The mortgage company pulled it from Experian, which should have been the same as mine...I pulled it from all three major bureau's and all three were 20-37 points off. Why in the world would this be wrong???

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  • Tl
      Apr 03, 2010

    We have also had the same problem...and it is not a time related problem. is reporting my fiance's score at 100 points higher than the mortgage company, as well as other online credit score companies! We are not happy.

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  • Do
      Oct 11, 2010 - Can't find a way to cancel
    United States

    My name is Donna Mongrain. I signed up with for a Free report. I cannot find a way to cancel. The site said I would be charged monthly only if I checked the other credit reports offered. I never did. Yet I've been charged several months.I want a refund and service stopped!

    Donna Mongrain
    9591 Tryon Street
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA [protected]

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  • Jo
      Oct 13, 2010

    I had the exact same issue but in my case there was over a 60 point difference. After my divorce I was doing everything I could to rebuild my credit. I religiously monitored my credit and paid almost everything off. My Credit score stated that it was high enough to go ahead and purchase a house. I went through the process and there was over a 60 point difference. I started doing some homework and found that i'm not the only one and that Gives you a real score along with liable links to show you what you true credit score is. I now use equifax which gives me my real score that I checked against and its still over 60 points highter then my actual score along with on equifax they have online disbutes set up for all 3 credit bureus.

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  • Rl
      Apr 05, 2011 - $29.95 charge (not-free)
    United States

    I registered with website to get my credit report, which was listed for $1.00 if memebership was canceled within 7 days. I canceled my membership, but noticed that I was still carged $29.95. When I called, they told me that the $1.00 was only for viewing one report, but when you go through the process, you are guided directly to the three report and have to unclick it if you don't want to be charged. I further complained how shady this was and the customer service rep talked with supervisor and told me she could get $15.00 of charge removed as a courtesy. I complained further and asked to speak to that supervisor and she took off the charge.

    DON'T visit this website. They are shady and try to charge you. They are hoping you don't see the charge.


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  • Li
      Jun 29, 2011 - membership without permission
    United States

    I went to this website for a "free" credit report, I wonder why I thought I could get a "free" credit report at lol Anyways to see the actual credit score I had to enter my credit card info and pay a small fee. when I completed this transaction apparently a the fine print stated that if I did not call and cancel I would be automatically signed up for membership witha monthly fee of $14.95, which I didnt notice for several months. It seems that if there is any other charge for what you originally are signing up for that there should be a fail safe check-box, not sneaky little fine print. Are there any laws regulating this? I called them today and was canceled and refunded only one month dues.

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  • No
      Jun 29, 2011

    An actual FREE credit report (no signup or sneaky charges!) can be gotten (from all 3 credit bureaus) at :


    It is truly free and you can get a free credit report once a year.

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  • Ra
      Feb 07, 2012 - Fraudulent Business Practices
    United States

    t’s not free. But that’s not the issue, I never expect that. The issue is apparently this company manipulates the data they provide in an attempt to keep someone using their services longer than might be necessary then if you terminate their services, they attempt to scare you into returning.

    I was fixing my credit and decided to use them to have 24/7 access to my reports and get immediate information about things I was fixing and satisfying. I felt this was a good option to monitor my credit through the home loan approval for me then built so I needed to monitor my credit longer. Getting close to closing, knowing where my credit was and that I was on track, I cancelled my services with That’s when I learned about their underhanded business practices.

    I was forced to listen to several minutes of an operating trying to talk me out of my decision. The final carrot was that suddenly the service could be available for a fraction of what they charge. Why don’t they just offer a fair price and be done with it? I stood firm and cancelled. Then, within ten (10) days of cancelling (while I was finishing out the last two weeks of the current billing month), I get my final monthly status E-mail telling me my credit score dropped. I go through the links on the E-mail and it is now showing my short has dropped to below what I need for my final approval on my mortgage. I, as you can expect freaked out and immediately made a phone call to my realtor because I had to fix this problem.

    After talking me down from the wall, my agent checked with my lender and they independently ran my credit to see what was going on. The fact I’m suddenly told my credit score dropped drastically was illogical under the circumstances since everything I had done was positive and it was impossible it could have dropped.

    Well, not only had my credit score not dropped but it was a full 60 points higher than the was claiming. Not only that but after reviewing all the E-mails from and comparing it against what my lender pulled, my credit score was consistently 20 to 40 points higher than anything was telling me it was including where I really was when I started and where was telling me I was.

    Since this occurred over an eight month period of time, I do not think it is a mistake on anyone’s part that was deliberately giving me information that my credit score was lower than it was so I would continue believing I needed to monitor it but that they also want people to have something happen that scares then into returning. They want them to get that report telling them all their hard work was for nothing so they think “OMG, I have to keep monitoring my credit because something bad happened.”

    Stay away from this company.

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  • Mi
      Jun 03, 2016

    For those of you who know the stock market, the company is one of those pinksheet penny stock (symbol firms that are pretty notorious for being a bit of a scam. yeah the guy has a business and has some revenue, but he is mostly selling inferior Chinese goods, which is why he has fine print that covers himself regarding quality etc. He also pops up on penny stock promotional sites/fake shows to promote the stock which would be a dud to anyonen who invests in it. he is also attempting to start up one of those totally bogus penny/auction sites which are well known to be total scams.

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  • Nu
      Jun 03, 2016 - Charged for services not ordered which you cannot cancel!
    United States

    On April 26th i canceled the service - was told they would not pro rate and i had untill May 16th to use service without charge. Went onto website to view my basic credit report - was charged on April 26th for a 3-bureau report. A charge showed on my visa statement on June 2nd - so i called to inquire as to what happened. Supervisor Shelly said that there was nothing they can do. She said i clicked on the advanced report and my card was automaticaly charged $24.95. I did not intend to incure more charges. she offered to take $10 off as refund... I asked for a hard copy of my report and was told this was not possible after 30 days... nothing is free, don't get hooked - i was charged well over $50.

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