Fox Valley Volkswagen / spot delivery scam

560 W. North Avenue, West Chicago, IL, US
Contact information:
Phone: 630-231-9900

I purchased a car through Fox Valley Volkswagen in West Chicago, IL on July 20th, 2009 through "Tommy". We agreed to financing terms, signed the contract and they said I was good to go and let me take the car. They cashed my $8000 downpayment check. On August 14th, 2009, "Ed" called and said they needed to see my W-2s and 1099s and that is had to be that day. When I asked why, he threatened to have my car repossessed and said it would cost me my $8000 downpayment. I faxed them copies of the documents they wanted to see that same day.

On August 18th, 2009, "Dwayne" called me and said I needed to come into their dealership to sign new paperwork for a new loan. I made an appointment for the following day. In the meantime, I did a little research online about this and it's called "Spot Delivery Scam, " where they agree to fake terms, give you the car, and then bring you back in to sign for a new loan with higher rates and fees.

I went into the dealership on August 19th, 2009 to see what this new loan once. My APR was 5.1% higher than we had originally agreed upon, the term was for 48 months versus the 72 months I wanted, and my monthly payment was $160 more per month. I told them to forget it, I wanted to return the car. They said okay, bring the car in tomorrow.

I called "Ed" on August 20th at 9 am to let him know I would be coming in at 12:30 pm to drop off the car and pick up my $8000 check. He said ok. When I arrived, he said he did not have the check for me and nobody there could sign one for me, but he still had the nerve to ask for the car! I took the car and left.

I had to contact the owner of the dealership in order to get my money back - I'm supposed to go in tomorrow to get it. We will see. In the meantime, I have contacted my attorney, the IL Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, etc. I am warning everyone I can about this dealership!!!

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