Foschini / service I am complaining about not being attendant as a customer

Vanderbiljpark, Vaal mall, ZA
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I went to Vaal mall Foschini shop on Friday on the 17th of November 2017 and I requested the forms to apply for lay bye and the lady by the name of Charmaine Kruger to fill the forms and I submitted to one of the cashier and she told me that I will get the sms after 3hours till now I haven't got any response. therefore I decided to call them today on they 22nd of November 2017 and when researching they don't find anything which I believe that we haven't taken serious and your staff doesn't do they work as supposed can you pleas assist with the improvement of services and customer respect I guess I was not gonna buy but the fact that I will live my money that regards me as a customer.

kindly assist

Nov 22, 2017

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