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I am a foschini group customer for a while now and these are the problems I had with the group, firstly, a year ago I had to leave the country on work related matters so I immediately went to Sportscene in Cavendish square Cape Town to apply for a debit order on my account as I would not b able to pay it personally. I left the country and four months later I had found out that my account was in arrears and a letter to inform me that legal action was going to be taken against me was sent to my address. Whose fault was it that the account wasn't paid? Am I supposed to have a bad credit record because of the company's incompetancies? Till today the debit order is not happening! Secondly I baught a tempo watch at American swiss and a few months later the watch stopped working so I sent it back to the shop(American Swiss Cavendish Square) as it was still under guarantee, after 2 months of silence and no communication from the shop I went in personally and I was told my watch is back but they could not fix it so they gave it back in the same condition. What am I supposed to do with a non working watch? Where is the guarantee? When it comes to service I'm very dissappointed with the Foschini group, you can't even get help when you call customer services and God knows I've called countless times

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      Apr 26, 2016

    On 24 April 2016 at 16:26 i paid my account at TOTALSPORTS Vangate mall as all the other stores was already closed.As i'm waiting because a staff member was busy taking a customer payment i noticed one of the staff member by the name of Sabier looks to me like it was his off day or he was done working because he had his backpack on his back doing his personal things on the computer, i was angry because i had to wait a bit longer because he was working on another staff member computer. i don't see why they have to do there personal things at work.Please i wouldn't like it to happen again

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