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i would like to bring to the notice and to the notice of the Fossil Watch company about the dont care attitude i received from a foschini store 2 weeks ago i went to a foschini store to purchase a watch for a birthday gift to my sister.
the value of which was R1399.00
when going to pay for the item the lady gives me the watch in a LANCO box.
when i asked why is it not in original packaging she said they are not supplied with the boxes at the same tym as they receive the watches.
this really frustrated me and obviously was not goin to buy a watch that costed R1399.00 and gift it to someone in a cheap plastic LANCO box. i did not purchase the watch from Foshini and walked out empty handed.
kindly look in this matter. i would like some feedback on this.
Thank You


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      Jul 28, 2011

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    We invest in the training and development of our people in order for them to deliver good customer services. It is rather disappointing that you had this experience and we truly apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    In order to sort out your situation, please send me your contact details. You may also email me directly [protected] and we can resolve this issue for you.

    Kind regards,
    The Foschini Group (TFG) Communications Coordinator

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      Sep 20, 2011

    i am a foschini group customer I buy from these stores almost everymonth Foschini Greenstone will know me better if they see me. Today we(me and my sister-in law) went to DUE SOUTH in Greenstone looking for a short. We took few of them to fit in a changing room while two male staff Indian guy and a white guy were busy playing soccer inside the store in such a way that the ball hit my sister-in law. They didnt help us until we were finished and left. To our suprise when we were at the the entrance paying our for our packing the security told us that he was instracted to call us back to due south. So we had to go back there again for people who were not looking after their customers who did nt even check if the fitting was clean before we go there. When we got there they told us that they find empty hangers after we had left!!! what aggrovated me is that those hangers were there when i went to fit. So the Indian guy checked our bags and find nothing no apology that we even had tell him to apologies. They told us that there were no store manager and no supervisor to talk to about their behaviour. FOschini group is that how your customers should be threated ??? I would like to know and i would like to know who is the store manager of that store or the area manager. Ive had a great service previously from other ladies who unfortunately were not there today.

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      May 13, 2012

    I am a foschini group customer for a while now and these are the problems I had with the group, firstly, a year ago I had to leave the country on work related matters so I immediately went to Sportscene in Cavendish square Cape Town to apply for a debit order on my account as I would not b able to pay it personally. I left the country and four months later I had found out that my account was in arrears and a letter to inform me that legal action was going to be taken against me was sent to my address. Whose fault was it that the account wasn't paid? Am I supposed to have a bad credit record because of the company's incompetancies? Till today the debit order is not happening! Secondly I baught a tempo watch at American swiss and a few months later the watch stopped working so I sent it back to the shop(American Swiss Cavendish Square) as it was still under guarantee, after 2 months of silence and no communication from the shop I went in personally and I was told my watch is back but they could not fix it so they gave it back in the same condition. What am I supposed to do with a non working watch? Where is the guarantee? When it comes to service I'm very dissappointed with the Foschini group, you can't even get help when you call customer services and God knows I've called countless times

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      Feb 19, 2014

    Recently i stopped shopping at Foschini as I feel the quality
    of the clothing is extremely bad...i bought twp pants from Foshini...the one pants had a mark on it which meant someone bought it, exchanged it and it went back on the hanger...the other pants which i love i used to work today to find out now the seams have opened right under the butt side...I actually bought a size bigger so it is not tight on me, in fact it is a tight fit i have to sit at my desk the whole day...the seams on the side are also all so loose and i really am disappointed with your quality.

    i also shop at Truworths and Woolworths and have not experience this have nice styled clothing but cheaply what do i do...this is quiet embarrassing...

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      Jun 27, 2014

    Your Donna Claire service delivery Sucks . I have been a customer with your Foschini group since the 70's and just believe your service delivery is getting worse by the day.!! Firstly at your Richards Bay Boardwalk Donna Claire, The phones are never answered, yet they ring.??? In sheer frustration I eventually phone the Boardwalk management team to complain and to find out what is going on and VOILA, suddenly the phone is answered. Your help line number is also under managed ! Who has the time to sit for half an hour listening to all sorts of adverts waiting for an available helper to help you . I eventually put the phone down and decided to write to you .([protected]) I BOUGHT A BRA AT YOUR DONNACLAIRE Branch Pavillion in Westville on the 15 june 2014. I decided to order another one as, and as per usual you were out of stock. I paid a R30.00 IBT payment to have it delivered to your Boardwalk Richards bay branch and to date it has still not arrived? You advertise clothing for the Larger customers on this planet. Yet you fail to deliver. I am a size 48DD bra, there are many more people in our town this size, yet you only have, maybe 2 bras on your hangers. Your panty line is even worse . What fat lady wants no support around her tummy area ?? Large women want pretty underwear, that give them support around their Tummies. The sizes should range from Large to maybe a 4- 5 extra large, like they used to be, days gone bye.Your blouses need to be longer and you definitely need more leggins in white, cream, black, 3/4 and full length with little zips to add a bit of glamour.NO MORE CHECK SHIRTS .They make big women like myself look even bigger. How about more tye dyed stuff. White shirts and pastel shades ;. Mushy florals . Should things not improve in the near future I will be closing my account, and will start making my own clothing and under wear like I used to before I got lazy .
    Maggie Austin

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      Jan 27, 2015

    On the 19th of January 2015 I approached above store Exact Table View to exchange a pants for the 2nd time that I have purchase in December 2014. With my first exchange I forgot my slip and informed the manager that I just want a bigger size the very first time she didn't want to she was extremely rude and telling me that she will allow this now without a slip and not again. I return to the store with my original slip wanting my money because the pants still does not fit and they did not have the size I wanted. this time it was a second pants (2pants) one with a slip and one without. SJOE boy the manager was shouting louder than what I have shouted giving me lip about this is my store I will not give you a REFUND with a slip???? MY MONEY??? and the more I went off the more the manager went off. THAT is BAD customer service she didn't want to listen to me. And the cherry on the cake was my husband didn't wanted to go in with me to the store because of her previous behaviour and now they have both my pants and my 2 slips. STEALING from me as well. I want my money back and a apology from that manater

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      Nov 10, 2015

    Good day, it is with alot of unhappiness that im writing this Complaint today. Trying to buy a house, we get told I'm listed for R197.63 by TFG - Markhams account.. I have paid up this account in [protected] after being given a settlement amount by VeriCredit. I received a PAID UP letter from VeriCredit advising that the account is paid up by Siphiwe Witbooi. Now I'm still listed on Experian because of incompetence between VERICREDIT and Foschini Head Office. The discount given was never written off and it is still showing as OVERDUE. How does this work. Now my Bond Application is on hold because someone did not do there work properly. To top it of i must phone again Friday to find out if between the 2 Companies they managed to correct there error dating back to 2010.. I want a written apology from TFG & VERICREDIT. Hope to receive a response soon.

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      Feb 26, 2016

    I've been trying to inform the sportscene accounts department to please check their records where their will find that my account has been closed since February 2015. According their Jeremiah in Accounts say there is balance on my account for magazines that they supposedly send me. However as I informed them on numerous occasions, I've never received these magazines nor do I want to.
    As an auditor, I fail to understand how a company can continually "send" magazines to owner of a closed account and still expect them to pay.
    Please sort out your account because I am beyond annoyed at your inability to manage a closed account. Your continuous sms's stating my account is outstanding is reaching the point of harassment.
    Your final co-operation will greatly appreciated.

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      Aug 08, 2016

    Dear Foschini Rep. Today I visited one of the Foschini stores in Voortrekker Road, Bellville and received putrid service from one of the sales consultants named Val. I was looking for a good moisturizer in the cosmetics section and firstly had to look around for a consultant. When I managed to spot someone close to me, I asked her about the price of one of the products. No sooner had I asked her when she quickly just passed me after indicating what the price is. She was clearly not interested in assisting me since she was not attending to a customer at the time. When she passed my direction again I called her and asked if I could have some service and she pretended not to hear and simply walked in the opposite direction. It made me feel like I was invisible to her. I then decided to ask her colleague who was the younger lady to assist me and she was more polite. She is also the one who gave me the name of her colleague. I require some feedback on this since I did not walk out of the shop empty handed because I was actually a serious buyer even though I was initially treated in such a discourteous manner.

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      Oct 17, 2016

    I've been part of the foshini group since the stone age my phone that i bought at Total sport two years ago was stolen more than 2-3 months ago and yes i insured it there as well it was paid or add to my account every month and i paid my installments, according to there policy you have 48 hours to report this matter but I'm still waiting for my new phone is this the service that foshini group store provide for their clients or is this the business policy, so people this is my advice to you if you have a choice never insure your phone at any of these stores and the cherry on top is they said i must first get my account on track what does that have to do with my insured phone and i do pay my installments.This is no threat if this matter is not resolve in this month i will take them to court.[protected]!

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      Feb 01, 2017

    I have not gotten paid from Foschini promenade I worked my time I have been without money for almost two months all they can say is they investigating the matter we as staff works hard I'm disgusted

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      Apr 13, 2017


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      Apr 23, 2017

    Good morning,
    I am very disappointed and offended by the behaviour of the Foschini manager in Kimberley (Kimberley Diamond Pavilion) I think her name is Ina. On the 22 April 2017 at approximately 11h30, myself and four of my cousins visited the store. As we were going through the store and admiring the beautiful clothes in the store, she came nearer to the area we were at and started fixing the hangers and called out some of the staff from the till to take position in the shop. (That did not bother me, because she is responsible to make sure everything runs smooth in her work place). We then left Foschini store and proceeded to other shops, when we left Truworths stores I saw her walking in the mall with a security guard and another white lady, little did we know that she actually left the store to go and mobilise security to watch our movements. The lady that was accompany her walked into Woolworths because we walked into Woolworths, I left my cousins behind to take a look at the kiddies clothes, as I was walking towards that department this lady did not see that I was walking behind her. She then approached the ladies working at Woolworths and I overheard her saying to them here they are coming they are walking in a group. When I looked behind me it was my cousins walking towards the passage where these ladies were standing. I responded to her comment but she just walked on and did not look back and walked out of Woolworths stores. We were very offended by these bad and un-revolutionary actions and confronted the manager at Foschini whom we asked to explain to us what informed her suspicions, to even go to the extent of mobilising security in the mall to follow us. She gave us attitude and could not careless to explain her actions. It is unfortunate that every time in this beautiful South Africa people still judge you by the colour of your skin, I can not find a better explanation to justify her actions. Should it have been white ladies her reaction would not have been the same. What can I call her RACIST. I have been a customer at Foschini stores for so long, I have become so familiar with the staff at that store to be treated and suspected of theft by someone who's decision is influenced by race. HER ATTITUDE SUCKS!!!

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      Jun 25, 2017

    Good day

    i would like to stay anonymous to security my child job .everyday when my child come from work very unhappy because the way the store manager's behaviors .The store manage is very treat them unhappy .she is favoritism one employees over them because they are very close .i believe that there is no such thing at work place that manager need to have friend with her employees. it is not professional at all . our child go to work not to be treat very bad at work .she make them work not the way their contract say .They are contract say that they need to work 5 days include Saturday and Sunday but it doesn't look like they are working like that .please call each employees and ask them the way they are been treat by their store manager . The store manager make her favorite's employee to work more work while she is also 108 like others employees because she help her with admit work .it seem like the store manage is scare of her favorite .my concern here it is about Favoritism that store manager is doing .our children come from far take more taxi so that they can go to work not to been treat very bad.she like to give them warming but herself when she fight with one of them no one give her warming . she doesn't even say sorry when she is later sometimes but she except them to say sorry .this is not right at all. She is not fair at all . we knows that she doesn't like our children because they were employee by her and she did told them once that she is tired from them . you are only way that you can solve this matter ...please contact each of employees and ask them the way manager treat them .. She gave them 4 days off unbelievable while her favorite 108 get 2 days off...they also need to make money and they used 4 taxi per day which is not right . her and her favorite they just stay near the mall but they work more days, This is not right at all . i hope that you will find big solution about this happen .

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  • K
      Apr 30, 2018

    Good afternoon!
    Greenstone Branch - Unable to reach them on the phone all day!

    At this stage of the day - I am so angry and frustrated that I haven't been able to reach your Greenstone Branch all day - since 09h00 this morning - to get information on certain products - to save me a trip going in for nothing! I've been calling [protected] to no avail! The phones just don't work! And in the event that the phones do ring - no one answers them. What service is this? This is my second complaint this month regarding Foschini and their telephones! (My first complaint was lodged on the 3rd April - for the same problem with your Eastgate branch! If you look into your Complaints file - you will find it).

    I called Customer Service several times today and all I got was "sorry ma'am". My last call - the consultant undertook to get someone me to call me back ASAP. I asked - would it be today - because "soonest" for Foschini could be 3 days or never! He replied "Yes". Well it's nearly 4pm and no-one has called. I knew it ... that's how it goes in this place! I'm so fed-up with Foschini's bad customer service that I'm ready to close my account!

    It would be wise to look into your phones for all your branches and your service in general. It is Bad! There is No service!

    Thank you.
    P. Prassinos

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