Foschini / compliment & complaint 6 june 2018 mall of africa foschini

Hi There

It was my birthday yesterday and I was given a generous voucher to spend. I was asked where I would like the voucher for and I said Foschini as I had seen some awesome clothes in the Mall of Africa Store where I shop.

So I went shopping yesterday and was happy to say the clothes I chose where made in South Africa this is a great initiative and the quality seems great. Well done on this cosumers are tired of supporting China.

I walked around the store chose about ten items and proceded to try on. Some staff were helpful and some just could not care a dam. While in the dressing room no one asked if they could assist me with size changes etc.? I asked a lady about a discount advertised on jackets and she said you should pay for the item before you know if there is a discount. I had seen the discount at the Rosebank branch but I did not get it somehow Mall of Africa has different prices. Surel all prices on set merchanise should be the same it was a jacket and was supposed to get R100.0 discount. Dont you train your staff to assist customers in a better fashion?

After choosing five items I paid with my card the cashier thought she was doing me a favour by assisting me and threw my items in an untidy fashion inside out and crumpled in to the bag. I checked my invoice before I left the store and was over charged so got the Manager to correct. I was not happy with anyones attitude and the way it was handled so told them to keep the dress and credit me.

Needless to say I wont be going back there maybe rather another store. Do you not train your staff on the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE?? My grandmother happened to open the first Foschini store in Pietermaritzburg years ago and I can assure you the service would of been excellent to say the least. It you carry on with this kind of service your wont get repeat customers...

Jun 07, 2018

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