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I don't know where to begin or if this is the right avenue to take.

I bought my camper on July 13th of this year. I have had absolutely no service after the sale. Even before the sale I had to contact salesman to see if we had a deal because he would tell he would check on it and get back to me. (Still waiting for him) any way we closed on the 13th of July. I need to say the motor home I selected was in Mocksville N.C. When motor home finally arrive in Jacksonville my wife looked it over and took a few photos. The first thing my wife noticed was that one of the recliners foot rest was not working properly. We were told they would fix it. Took motor home the next day on the 14th after they detailed it. I was told to take motor home home and make a list of anything else we found. On July 16th returned motor home back to Campers Inn with a list of 13 things that need to be taken care of. New service writer by the name of Kari waited on me and took over an hour to write down what I thought was all my concerns. Only to find out later she only listed I think 8 corrections. She called me the very next day and told me my coach was ready. I told her I was leaving town for two weeks and would pick it up when I arrived back in town. A week later I called the service department and got a recording that they were busy and would call me back before the end of the business day. I left my name and phone number. That never Happened. The next day I called back and asked to speak to the general manager who couldn't take my call at that time but did call me back. I told him I was checking on a few things that were listed on the paper work of the coach that nobody would or could tell me what was going on. He said that he himself ordered the sink covers that were missing when the coach arrived. (Still waiting for those.) I told him that I had called the service department the day before and they never returned my call. The manager I think his name is Rick or maybe Richard would check on that and call me back.
A short time later the manager called me back and told me they tried calling but had the wrong number. They did't have the wrong number when they called me on the 17th telling me my coach was ready. I also had left my phone number again on their recording but no call. I arrived back at Campers Inn on Monday July 30 to pick up coach. They brought coach up to service center for me. I went out and started checking the things I wanted fixed. First recliner still broke, no wrench for water filter, front tag bracket still missing. (un be knowing to them I had taken a photo of camper before they detailed it.) I was told by one of the associates that the campers don't come with front tag brackets. I told him you want to make bet and he said yes. He turned three shades of red after I showed him the photo showing tag bracket on front. The service writer told me to give them 30 minutes and they would fix the problems. I told her I was going to take my wife to lunch and would come back. Returning about 1 1/2 hours later I found recliner still broke. Service writer Kari told me they couldn't fix the recliner. I told her to order me a new one and she said she can't do it. At that time a new service manager by the name of Moe told her to order a new mechanism and a new right front headlight that we had found cracked and gouged. I asked Moe to find out what it would cost and what was involved in putting in a converter to run my Cpap. He told me to call him back with the cpaps info and he would get back to me. That was last Monday and still not a word from him. I called this morning to the service department and got the same recording I got two weeks ago leave my name and number and they will return my call by the end of the day. I haven't even used the motor home yet but I'm extremely disappointed with this dealership. I wish I never got involved with them. I called again this morning to the service department to find out if my sink covers have come in yet but the same recording they will call me back before the end of the day. I guess I will be taking a road trip tomorrow to the dealership in hope of finding something out. Thanks Fred Ledig [protected]

Aug 07, 2018

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