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We purchased a 2009 XLR 37 x 16 Fifth Wheel Toyhauler and used it 4 times. On the fourth trip, our equalizers between the 2nd and 3rd axles flipped - pulling the 2nd and 3rd axles together so the tires were rubbing. We had to deflate the middle tires in order to get home. We called our dealer who told us to call Scott Haney in the warranty department at Forest River. Scott dismissed our case by saying we hit a curb - on the highway! We took our trailer to a Suspension Company in Calgary who looked at the problems. It turns out we had a missing weld on the left hand front equalizer. The excessive movement caused by the missing weld wore out the bushings which SIEZED. When the equalizer tried to absorb the shock of a bump, it moved up as it is designed to do, but could not flip back into the neutral position again. Each sucessive bump caused those equalizers to sieze higher up each time until the axles were pulled together.

We have tried to work with our dealer in order to get Forest River to look at the issues, but Scott Haney has refused to look at the evidence. We have submitted photos and a report from Standen's Springs via email. Scott just falls back to his tired excuse of "You hit a curb"!

We love the's functional and well constructed but this repair cost us $1250.00 CDN so far...the tires took a beating before we could get pulled over and will need to be replaced as well.

As a representative of Forest Rivers Warranty Department, we can only assume that Scott Haney's refusal to acknowledge the documentation of the missing weld and the subsequent issues it caused to be a company policy. Therefore, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL of Forest River and DO NOT PURCHASE THE EXTENDED WARRANTY that the company sells as a "worry free, comprehensive package" that actually covers these kind of problems. Also, do not expect to be treated like you have even the smallest amount of intelligence.

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      Jun 22, 2009

    Sorry for the typo...the axles in question are the 1st and 2nd...NOT the 2nd and 3rd.

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