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Forest River / poor service

1 2009 Rockwood HW276, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

I have recently purchased a 2009 Rockwood High Wall 276 tent camper from your company via *** RV center. As they did not have one in stock on July 15, we sat down and ordered my unit directly, with all the options except 2, that being the screened in porch and the extra fridge option. It was told to me that I would be receiving my camper in August. August 15 I was told that my camper had come off the assembly line and that it would be arriving soon. Upon receiving my camper I did not have time to thoroughly inspect the unit before using it on a trip. I spent 4 days in this unit (most of the time I did have in it, was spent cleaning up after the assembly, rivet shafts, bits of aluminum shavings, dust, and wood cuttings. I told **** rv center not to clean it, that I wanted to take care of it myself.) When I brought the camper back home I had more time to go over more important items that I felt should be addressed in this letter.

I must say at this time I am very disappointed in the quality of work that was completed on this unit. I have seen allot of Forest River products and have admired what they have done and knew that when it came time to buy another camper, I knew to buy Forest River.

It is at this time I would like to share the problems I have found with this unit:

The latches on the roof to lock it down are all 1/4 inch off from the corresponding locking device below it.

The 2 drawers are very hard to open, I pull up then out and they will not open with out having to use force.

In the bathroom I have found poor sealing of the edges, if any sealant was used at all. A plastic cover behind the toilet does not have sealant on the bottom and water is going into it. the walls were not finished, they have round beads of silicone going up the wall but was not finished. The toilet itself rocks around on the base. Also it was told to me that I should have a light in the bathroom which there is none.

The stove had dried silicone on the hinges which I had to remove along with silicone on the counter top and floor. Also there is a large deposit of glue on the bathroom door, about the size of a half dollar and at least a 1/16 inch thick.

There are cuts in the counter top and along the edging of the counter top.

Hinges and latches on the cabinet doors are loose and upon trying to tighten found the screws to be stripped and 2 screws even missing. Also the fridge screws are put in to the wood on a very hard angle as to allow the screw threads to be seen through the material on the surface of the base cabinet along with the trim piece on the bottom being bent outward approximately 3 inches, outward into the walking area.

The outside door that is put in after the tent is up does not fit. I have tried to see if the door was bent or twisted but it is the door frame on the camper that appears to be cut wrong. The door has 1/3 inch gap towards the bottom and does not fit tight in the channel using the provided locks (the white parts that are used to hold the door in the frame do not touch the frame of the camper to hold it in place along with large gaps of air space)

The outside grill that hangs off the camper is a great product, however the gas line is not long enough to attach to it if you have the hanger in the lower position, I have to move the hanger over and on top of the fridge vents by 2 inches in order for the gas line to reach the grill.

Under the cabinets there are screws that had been pre-started but had not been installed into the walls to join the cabinet bases to the walls, I have so far found 8 of these pre-started screws under cabinets and other places.

Bunk pins are on one side, very hard to get into the hole, I have to push very hard on the bunk to get the pin past the slide that holds the bed, the other side is on an angle and is not straight up and down. the other 2 pins that hold the bunks from closing are 1 inch away from the bunk slide.

In the cabinet under the sink there is a panel with started screws but I do not know were this panel belongs, it was laying on the floor.

The water while using the pump and water tank is very poor. The pressure starts nice but after 2 or 3 seconds it drops to a trickle in both the shower and sink areas.

there is a grease type of substance on the vinyl inside the slide out area and also small tears on the backing of the vinyl.

There is a dominate squeak in the center of the floor between the microwave and the dinette slide out.

The antenna (which notably was moved from the back of the camper and was installed by the door was broken when it came to the dealership) was a small black plastic or rubber areal was sent back and replace by a much larger metal antenna that now hits the outside porch light, and the screws holding the base, one of them was not even tight, it is just loose and not holding anything.

the most recent problem I have found is the switch to control the top up and top down stuck in the up position and tore the red cable out of the aluminum, I was fortunate enough to stop it before it did any other damage.

The shower faucet for the hot and cold handles both turn open to the right, as the other faucets (sink and outside shower faucet) turn hot counter clockwise, cold clockwise.

The putty used to water proof the sink, the outside pole guides for the awning and other areas including the diamond plating is very messy and gets on everything (what ever happened to silicone around the sink?)

not sure if the assembly line does this but I have 2 plates that were put in a drawer, from pictures of other 276hw's I noticed they are used to attach the awning legs to the camper and were screwed into the camper next to the latches to hold the top down when traveling.

I also am not sure if there was suppose to be a jack or a lug wrench but would have been nice to have these items. Also I ordered the stabilizer jacks with sand pads (in the book and other pictures of the same model the pads were round, mine are square, not sure if that is right or not as I am aware that products can change or be replaced by better products.

I have not had any trouble with any of the equipment (i.e.. a/c, hot water heater, furnace or any other products that was fitted into the unit).

It is with great regret to write this letter, as I have stated earlier, I held Forest Rivers name in high standings and knew the products that came from you were of top quality, However, I am sure by the list of things I have concerns about, you understand how frustrated and sadly disappointed I am, and that the quality and reputation of Forest River has not been shown in this particular camper.

I have not talked with *** RV center on this matter because I feel there is not much they can do to help me fix most of these problems. I believe it to be a quality in workmanship and something that cannot be fixed with out remaking the majority of the unit. (How could you fix a wall that was cut to large for the size of door that it is suppose to house? How can a cabinet base be replaced that was built into the unit?) These issues I bring to your attention in hopes that Forest River will remedy the problems and hope that there employees on the assembly lines will understand that there work in the future is an extension of themselves. I hope they understand that being fast and getting the job done does not mean take short cuts and skimp on the quality that has made Forest River a name to be proud of and that taking pride in there work should still be of first concern.

I am self employed, with this in mind I know the quality of my work versus other companies in my profession has to be the best I can deliver. I know my clients can get the job done with sometimes a lower price or with less hassle in the final production. The fact is, they trust me and the trust that when I put my name on something they know they have received nothing less then 110% of my ability. So with this in mind, I wish I could meet the people that made my camper so they could put a face to the camper they provided me and allow them to go through this unit and ask themselves if they would except the work they have done and if they would want to spend $15, 900 on this particular camper.

I wrote this letter to Forest River along with over 60 pictures showing them even more problems with this unit. I have not received word as of yet.

I hope they do get back with me. I hope they just dont think I will go away. Im in advertising and really think that writing this to all the web blogs i can find would put forest river in a most uncomfortable situation when there sales fall do to over exposure to bad publicity. (all with out having to leave the house) Buy American but be careful what americans give you in exchange for your money, careful of american pride in there work. Some americans just want a pay check. I would not think Forest River would be paying there employees minimum wage so I would expect that they pay them good to deliver bad quality. Dont they know ITS THERE JOB THEY WILL LOSE IF NO ONE BUYS THERE PRODUCTS.

The implied warranty of merchantability requires that the product and its container meet certain minimum standards of quality, chiefly that the product be fit for the ordinary purposes for which such goods are sold (U.C.C. § 2-314). This requirement includes a standard of reasonable safety.

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  • Cr
      1st of Jul, 2009

    I'm on my second forest river work and play and the quality control on both was ###. I would not buy another forest river anything.

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  • Du
      21st of Jun, 2016

    This travel trailer is defective. The floors are soft in several areas. I finally found the problem. The plastic wheel wells are not sealed off. As you look from the inside you can see daylight. Travelling in rainy weather would cause water to splash up onto the floor area.
    The warranty has expired so I am on my own to get the floor fixed. I just wish American owned companies would take more pride and thought in their workmanship.

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  • Ro
      7th of Aug, 2018

    Subject: Failed axels

    Forest River,

    I would like to speak to someone regarding 3 failed axels within the last 9-12 months of owning my new unit.

    I've tried getting help from Camping World but no help. We called Forest River and got the run around through the different departments with no help or answers.

    We filed a report with the National highway traffic safety administration vehicle safety. Complaint number 11109962.

    We contacted Lippert axle components (LCI) and they did send camping world 1 of the 4 axels to be reinstalled. The warranty company has replaced 2 axels thus far. Camping World has been holding our unit since Dec 2017 in there lot wondering what I'm doing with the unit. I am not going to continue putting on the 4th axel and anticipate putting my family in danger ever again with this unit until something different will be done to correct this issue once and for all. I'm tired of repairing, replacing and paying for all the damages these axels have costed me since I purchased this unit new at the end of 2015.

    We want answers not more failed axels. The studs are shearing off the hub assembly which has been causing our wheels to fly off on the highways. Each time it has been different axels. Once the front axel twice the rear.

    I hope to hear from someone at Forest River soon. We have not been able to use our unit at all this year and are feeling very frustrated and left out with no parties taking any responsibility in this matter.

    This email was sent to Forest River on July 18th 2018. Attempted to contact them again on July 28th & August 7th 2018 with no response. This is a very serious issue that may cause or has caused deaths on our national highways.

    Looking for outside help on this issue or if someone has experienced the same issues or problems please reply.

    Thank you

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  • Bi
      23rd of Aug, 2018

    @Robert Blangiardo Good luck with them returning your calls. We have a Wildwood that we will be paying on for several years but doubt it will last more than a few years! Too many problems to list on here but each day we seem to have a new problem.

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  • Fo
      15th of Aug, 2018

    I bought a forrester 2401R mbs that's a sprinter Mercedes. When they put the awning on it blocks the passenger side mirror. The repair man at camping world agreed it blocks your mirror making it dangerous to change lanes. Called fprrest river their answer was it met specs? Maybe before you added the awning. They said they would call me right back, that was two weeks ago. I guess I will have wife stick head out window before changing lanes. It does have a side camera but where sun glasses you cant see picture, plain and simple needs a longer mirror, bought stickon but falls off first bump. If I have wreck I will own company and will fix problem for all that have this unit.

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  • Ch
      21st of Aug, 2018
    Forest River - Front nose on 5th wheel faided not even 2yrs old
    United States

    Took to dealer to have fixed. Said put of warranty. What can you do about this. I paid alot of money for this sparton. And now it looks like [censored]. My no. 814-594-2305 thanks chad eozzo

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  • Bi
      23rd of Aug, 2018

    All I can say if you don't want to be paying out for repairs from day one don't buy a Forest River! Poor or no return calls from company! Too many problems to list but be prepared to pay for repairs even if infer warrenty.

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  • Jo
      14th of Oct, 2018
    Forest River - equipment complaint on a 2013 Forest River Wildcat 5th wheel. Model # WCF32RL
    United States

    2013 Wildcat, model #WCF32RL -- in hot weather the shower hot water is so hot that it is impossible to shower. In weather the temperature drops into the 40's, water does not get hot enough to shower.

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  • Ma
      15th of Oct, 2018
    Forest River - Forest river 2018 Salem hemishpere hyperlyte 29bhhl
    United States

    I purchased this travel April of this year, since we purchased it three windows have leaked which we had to recaulk them. The screen door does not shut properly, one of the electric outlets does not work and the newest problem is the handle for the black water tank will not open. Very disappointed in the quality And workmenship of this company.

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  • Un
      16th of Oct, 2018
    Forest River - 2017 Vibe 272BHS
    United States

    Less than a year old roof leaks. Forest river will not honor warranty! They first claimed it was not under warranty. When I proved it was they changed to lack of maintenance. The sealant they used is bad. Like bubblegum! This is the worst service I have ever experienced!!!

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  • Co
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    Forest River - very bad mattress
    United States

    i bought a wolf pup at cliff jones rv about a month ago, i paid cash, ilike the trailer but the mattress is cheap and is sunk in the middle it looks i should have gotten something better for 15500 dollars?

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  • Ra
      27th of Oct, 2018
    Forest River - A/C, Battery , Hookup to truck etc
    Menomonee Falls
    United States

    I bought new 2015 Forest River Heritage Glen
    A/C went out last summer
    Rubber seals around slid outs ripping
    Had to change Battery Last year.
    Has something wrong with one tail light, Have to bump it to start it to working
    Now get constant check trailer hookup.
    Had water leak under sink and has funny connections Finally squeased connection tight

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  • Co
      27th of Oct, 2018
    Forest River - Wildwood
    United States

    I had the camper in the shop more than I used it last year now this year starting out great boiled lobster on the stove it melted the plastic damper and burnt up the fan! This camper is dangerous I'm going to contact the attorney and sue this company for negligence Forest river wildwood campers are junk

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