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I ordered two pair of shoes for my mother, a cancer patient. One pair fit, the other didn't. Without ever wearing the shoes outside, she carefully wrapped the pair she wished to exchange in its original packaging and sent it back at her own expense as instructed in their returns/exchange policy. Weeks later, she was informed that the warehouse would not accept the shoes for exchange/return because they appeared to be worn. She never had the chance to wear them outside, and according to what she told me, had them on for less than three minutes because the shoes did not fit her. The company essentially took my money, called her a liar, and has now laden her with junk. I don't reccommend this company to anyone anymore, and I'm shocked and disappointed they did this: I've spent hundreds of dollars ordering from them, and aggrivating an elderly, sick person in that manner is unconscienable.


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      Mar 01, 2010

    I have had the same experience as the lady that had bought the shoes for her ill mother. I have badly swollen feet from lymphedema. It is impossible for me to find shoes that fit. Footsmart's catalog had been recommended to me. I found a pair of slippers that looked like they might work. I called the 800 number and received horrible service with my first call. The operator was rude and snapped at me if I tried to ask questions. I finally asked for a supervisor and she replied that they had no supervisors available. I knew that was a silly answer. I work in customer service for a very famous mail order company that frequently is rated number one for customer service in the nation. I know that supervisors are available.

    After the experience with the rude operator, I really did not want to do business with Footsmart, but I desperately needed a pair of shoes. I decided to call back and the second operator was very polite and have a suggestion for me and did a size for me over the phone. I was told they would arrive in 3 to 5 days. The slippers came two weeks later, but they did arrive.

    When they arrived, I sat in a chair, opened the box, unwrapped the shoes from the tissue paper, took the tissue out of the toes, and tried to put them on my feet. The shoes did not fit, but I knew there were larger sizes. I took them off, put the tissue back in the toes, rewrapped the shoes in the original tissue paper, and put them back in the box, carefully closing the top and putting them back in the box. The shoes were not outside the box 3 minutes. I didn't even stand up in them.

    I decided to order a larger size and mailed the shoes back in the 60 day period allowed. The return information said that the new pair would be returned in 2 to 3 weeks. Four weeks later, they arrived. I opened the box and much to my surprise, the pair I had sent back were in the box with a note that said they could not be returned, because they were not in the original condition! I was stunned.

    I called Footsmart and though the operator was pleasant, she offered no solution and only told me that a supervisor would call me back in 24 to 48 hours. I cannot afford to buy another pair of shoes from anyone now including Footsmart. I would not dare order anything from this outfit again. When I entered Footsmart complaints into the search engine on the internet, pages and pages came up.

    Like the lady who bought the shoes for her mother, I'm left without a pair of shoes that fits. I've been treated very poorly. I suspect that it is a rare event when a pair of shoes are successfully returned. Never again will I trust this company and I cannot recommend them to anyone.

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      Mar 10, 2010

    Oh my goodness, the exact thing happened to me. My dad, 92 and a cancer patient with very swollen feet tried on two pair of slippers from Footsmart. On fit and one did not. I returned the one unworn pair immediately and was told they had been worn. I called and complained and complained some more. I was being called a liar by them. I finally got a hold of a Paul Daubney who agreed to look at the slippers @ P O Box 922908 Norcross, GA 30010. After shipping and insuring these slippers again, Mr Daubney agreed that they had not been worn. On the other hand, he said it looked like there was gum on them!!! What?????? I have ordered many times from and really liked their products but no more.

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      Mar 10, 2010

    I ordered two pair of slippers for my 92 year old father. One pair fit the other didn't and I sent them back immediately. I rec'd the same slippers back from the warehouse saying they had been worn! After much complaining, I spoke with a Paul Daubney who agreed to look at these slippers. I sent them to his name at Footsmart to PO Box 922908 Norcross, GA 30010. After waiting a week for his response, I called, spoke to someone who said he would call me in 30 minutes. After an hour and a half, I called again and was told he would call me in 15 minutes which he did. Mr Daubney agreed the slippers did not look worn but said perhaps the white marks were packaging or gum!! Really? Gum? I was told my account would receive credit for the shoes but not shipping them back to them twice. I have ordered with Footsmart many times before but no more. I was basically called a liar and when they realized I was not lying tried to say perhaps there had been gum on the slippers. They do have great products but I'll look elsewhere such as Zappos. They have GREAT customer service.

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      Oct 11, 2010

    I was just scammed by Footsmart. Do not buy anything form this site! I bought the AcuPoint Foot Massage appliance for a total of $284. The massager worked properly only 4 months! When I called Footsmart, they confirmed they were the manufacturers but unfortunately they did not offer a manufacturer's warranty! Only the 60 day return policy. So basically all the items they sell (including the most expensive equipment) are super expensive disposable items!

    Their whole business is just a scam!

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      Apr 09, 2011

    I have ordered from Footsmart many times. They are liars of the first degree! Do not buy from the. After ordering shoes and finding out they didn't fit, I carefully wrapped them, unworn!!! into the same box they came in. They said I HAD WORN THEM and refused to credit my account. They must be going out of business. No way could they treat people with an obvious lie like they've done me. They should be reported for fraud!
    Donna Wall

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      Jul 02, 2012

    I ordered two pair of shoes. I called about sending them back and they said I could.and ashen I did they would not refund me. Do not buy anything from them..not a good conch. A good colony.

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      Nov 12, 2012

    This company is ripping folks off left and right. I took shoes out of the box, too big. I sent them back THE SAME WEEK! The "warehouse" determined that they were in "used condition." Well, well, well... sounds familiar huh? No supervisors on duty on any of the times I called. I was never called back. This company is terrible and I will be sending them a letter and blasting their corrupt practices online - so that no one falls prey to their insidious acts!

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