FlySafair / unethical behaviour

South Africa

Booking ref: fbkbbj
Date: 16.06.2017
Depart: 08:30

I arrived at the check in desk well before 40 minutes of departure. I paid online for my ticket and a prebooked seat at the window. on arrival I was told there is an amount outstanding and was sent to the cash office. I had to wait in a long ques and when I eventually reached the desk I was told no money was outstanding, which I tried to explain to the ladies at the check in counter. the gentleman at the cash office asked me to wait aside and continue server the other people in the ques. I thought this was ridiculous. I eventually walked back to the check in counter on my own and waited for them to sort this out. I made the flight just in time, did not even get my pre-booked seat, and had to sit in the middle of two people.

Please attend to this

Thank you


Surietha van niekerk

Jun 20, 2017

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