FlySafair / Safair Operationspoor service in communication and bad instructions given by cape town airport flysafair

I would like to make a formal complaint to fly safair cape town airport for being unhelpful and most important not communicating about boarding.
We as a team arrived at cape town airport well before 6:00am for our flight to lanseria airport. The online booking ticket machine was faulty and we had to go to the check out area to do it manually.
Apparently there was a lady who called out about the boarding of out flight FA314 departing at 6:40. We were at the manual checkout at 5:58. While in the line did a fellow colleague did his book in and went through. We were still in the queue and NOBODY at that time called out that we should be boarding. 6:02 i got to the counter and was told that im late. What. We were here in time and the lady never called out the boarding. Unacceptable. I will also do a formal complaint to the ombud.

Dec 01, 2018

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