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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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It is now 5 am and I have been thoroughly frustrated by the level of service received. Had this been an emergency, it would not have been as laughable an experience, nonetheless pathetic, to say the least.

I am a resident of Dubai, currently sitting in Bulgaria (a very pleasant holiday so far), completely destroyed in the past 12 hours, by what should have been a fairly simple transaction.

Due to fly back on the 27th of July (FZ758, booking reference CSMQII), I was invited to stay back for a couple of days. So, with great enthusiasm, I accepted whatever charges to change the booking to the 29th of July.

Or so I thought ...

For some reason, my friend managed to make a similar change ever so smoothly... I, on the other hand, began my journey to hell and beyond. The change was simply not getting confirmed due to payment failure

I used the same credit card as I had to make the initial booking - not accepted
Repeated the entries, in case I had made an error - same result
Used a different card - same result!

Then I decided to try the call center, in the hope that the "experts" would be able to sort me out

Ahhhhh... how I regret that now

I think, I have spent more on international call charges than the cost of the flight... ludicrous

3 agents - all following the same failed script...
Agent: Can I have your card details?
Me: Sure, but I already tried those...
Agent: Please give me the details
ME: Okay - here you go
Agent: The Card is blocked! Please contact your bank
Me: Wha??? I just paid the restaurant bill.. it works .. not blocked
Agent : Its not working
Me: I know - that's why I called you dufus! Here try another card..
Agent: The card is blocked!
Me: Also? How can that be? Okay - let's try a friends card (hes the one whose transaction had gone through)
Agent: That card is also blocked! Please call your bank
Me: Butttt... hang on a sec.

Try as I might, I could not convince anyone that thelogical conclusion was a system error and NOT with the cards

3 People, 5 credit cards issued in 3 countries, 2 debit cards ... ALL Blocked... I mean seriously - what does it take to admit an issue.

Meanwhile, I am stranded - original booking invalid and can not be re-instated, new booking not confirmed as none of the payment cards are working and the only freaking advice I get from FlyDubai - is to talk to my bank(s) because 7 different cards owned by 3 people in 2 countries appear to be BLOCKED.

Even tried to book a brand new ticket at full cost to myself - but that too had payment issues... so I guess it has to be something with either my name or nationality!

Once I get back to Dubai, I intend to devote the remainder of my life to ensuring that neither I nor any of my friends, colleagues or acquaintances have to even consider the option of such a pathetic excuse for an airline!

The financials aside, the sheer aggravation of the experience I have been through, has left me determined to walk to my destination or not travel at all, if FlyDubai is the only option available.

And somewhere in the middle of so many calls, I really cracked up at the conversation that went something like this

Me: Is there anything you can do to help me?
Agent: Can you go to the nearest FlyDubai Office and pay in cash?
Me:If that the only option... yes, Im in Bulgaria
Agent: Are you in Sofia?
Me: Yes.. actually, no, Im about 5 hours away in Sveti Vlas
Agent: In Prague?
Me: Wha? No - In Vlas, Prague? Never mind

Jul 26, 2016

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