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Florida Blue / health insurance

1 Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States

After receiving my renewal premium for 2018, my husband and I decided to remove our children from my policy and add them to his under his work december of 2017, I submitted an application for insurance for an individual plan effective january 1, 2018. I have had access to my policy online since becoming a policyholder of florida blue and make my premium payments via the online billing. On december 29, 2017, I noticed that my bill still reflected the premium amount for the family plan instead of the individual plan that I requested so I reached out to florida blue. I spoke to a victor and he told to just pay the premium amount for the individual plan, that he would send my bill to escalation, which they would adjust it and all would be fine. So, I did exactly that and I thought everything would be ok. On january 10, 2018, I noticed the situation still had not been resolved, that the policy still reflected a family plan and I was still being charged an outrageous premium amount. I spoke to bianca. She ensured me that everything was still being worked through the system and that it would be resolved. On january 25, 2018, I again called florida blue because the situation was not resolved yet. This time I spoke to cindy. Cindy told me that she could see where my children were to be removed, that she was going to have this worked on again, to only pay the premium amount for myself and gave me a reference number. She also told me to give them 3 to 5 business days to process and that they would call me back. I received no call back after 5 business days, so I called them again on february 9th. I spoke to an elizabeth and she told me that everything looked like it was corrected and to go ahead and pay my bill. I told her that I did not have access to the bill online for some reason and she replied that sometimes their system does that and to try again later. I trusted her and felt better about my situation, so I listened to what she advised me to do. I tried to pay my bill every day since the 9th via online and was unable to. So, I again called florida blue and was informed by a catherine that my policy terminated on january 31st and that is why I did not have access to my billing. This was news to me. I demanded to speak with her supervisor, multiple times and had to get loud with her before she actually agreed to get a supervisor on the phone. Well, the supervisor belinda was worse. She was rude and condescending. After being put on hold multiple times to "review their notes", she again got back on the phone and told me my policy terminated because of not paying the full premium amount for the family plan for the month of january and that the agent who wrote my policy put on my application to keep my children on the policy until 1/31/18. If that was the case, why did no one tell me this from the very beginning??? Belinda also informed me that someone tried to call me in the beginning of february but the phone number that they called was not mine. It was not even the same area code. As of today, I have had to cancel my appointment with my oncologist for life-saving preventive care all because no one communicated with me from the get go that my application stated that my children had coverage until january 31st!!! I was told on more than one occasion that my application would be processed, corrected and escalated. So, here I sit, having to wait for my agent to rewrite me a policy and hopefully she can. I have never been so disgusted with a company before in my life. Belinda should not be a supervisor and should be fired, along with every person who I spoke to from the beginning of this problem. It is their fiduciary responsibility to communicate all pieces of the puzzle to their policyholders. They left out the one vital piece and I am now without coverage for the first time in my life. And today, having that coverage, truly, truly matters.

Feb 14, 2018

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