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I signed up with flexiclub in January 2012. I had so much hardship making a booking the first time that I decided to cancel. I haven't to date utilise any of their services and they refuse to cancel. Firstly, we were not made mention of a 5 day cooling period, niether does our agreement mention it, so that should be taken as null and void, and secondly, you are only allowed to utilise there service after you receive a membership number, which takes 4 to 6 weeks, so how can they expect people to cancel in 5 days, when they haven't used the service yet and seen how crappy it is. If I had used the service the very next day of signing up, I would've cancelled same day, however they do not make it possible to do that, Please guys DO NOT be fooled by these people, I am going to get our local newspaper to do an article about this, because there are alot of people in my community who have signed with them and I would like to warn them. Nobody bothers to call you back, I am stil waiting for cancellation and I will make sure these people do not take anymore money from me!!!

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      2nd of Feb, 2013

    Flexi club never submit an proper contract, from myself or my wife and we are traped for live by them, membership 034579 A.Lombaard

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