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Fleetwood Homes / My home is falling apart

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We bought our new Fleetwood home in dec. of 07.Sence then it has been falling apart literally. They have sent several construction crews out already to make repairs. As of this date, [protected] mo.)It is still in shambles. the walls are still crooked, the carpet is ragged, moulding and cracks still to be repaired, linoleum to be done, windows to be sealed, back door to be replaced, busted 2x4s in walls, and today the roof started leaking like you were pouring water out of a bucket. Yes you could say I’m a little pissed off.

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  • Ro
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I bought a FLEETWOOD Barrington 0703D in April 07 out of WOODLAKE WASHINGTON, the home delivered does not have the same front, and the kitchen is completely different. The kitchen drawers actually fall off track because FLEETWOOD uses different vendors for cabinets and drawers. Please see:
    The appliances do not match, (we ordered black SxS 22cf w/ice and got some cheapy over under S.S. job and the ORDERED BLACK FLAT TOP stove came coil and the drawer falls out of that too. I have cracked toilets, complete walls collapsed during shipping, and the beams were not replaced. They use cheap carpet that stretches. Beware of STACI, she does not tell the truth. For more info, please email me or ebay. My user name is inspectore Rob

  • Ma
      15th of May, 2009
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    In some states mobel homes are treated like a car. There is a lemon law and you should beable to get a new home within a period of time. You might check with the states attorney generals office for information. I love my Fleetwood, it is a 04, made for FEMA, maybe that is why it is a better built home, the government had a hand in it.

  • Ro
      9th of Oct, 2009
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    The story that follows is what my ex-wife wrote. In a new
    development, I spoke with a rep from Fleetwood 3 days ago, and she informed me
    that since Fleetwood had sold out and was now owned by Capco, Capco hadn't
    bought into any of Fleetwoods warranties, they had no responsibility to fix my
    house. I contacted a local lawyer who informed me today that there was
    essentially nothing I could do due to the fact that Fleetwood is now in
    bankruptcy. Thanks couldn't pay me to take a doghouse you people
    threw together!!!

    Lisa of Gilmer, TX May 12, 2009

    In 2006 my husband and I purchased a 2005 model Fleetwood doublewide mobile
    home. It had never been lived in and was new from the lot. We had been in the
    house a little over a year and noticed the walls were getting mushy. We could
    literally leave fingerprints in our walls. We cut a small hole in the wall and
    noticed there was green, white ans a small amount of black mold growing in the
    walls in several places, in several rooms. Also, we noticed the floor was
    creaking, mold was growing on our doorframes, inside and out, and there was
    water gathering in our breaker box. It was hanging over the breakers and there
    were noticeable rust spots. this scared me.

    We called Fleetwood and after several trips out to the house to inspect it, they
    sent a team out 5 months later. We were out of our house for a little over a
    week while they replaced the walls and wrapped the outside of the house. They
    even sent someone out with the crew to make sure it was done right. HA! When
    they left, there were almost as many new problems as there were old one. They
    broke our bathtub, ripped out the carpet in our bedroom instead of our bedroom
    closet because they read the plan wrong (No they never put the new linoleum down
    in the closet, either, so we had 2 different colors!).

    Anyway, after several calls to Fleetwood, we decided these we problems we could
    live with just to keep from calling them again. So, they replaced everything in
    November of 2007. Then, in June of 2008, we noticed the mushy walls again. So we
    went thorugh the whole process AGAIN, and was out of our house for 8 days this
    time. After notifying them in June of 2008, they did not make it out to the
    house until January of 2009 4 months ago.They wrapped the inside this time, as
    well, putting plastic in between the drywall and the middle wall, thinking that
    would stop the moisture from getting in the walls again. Well, that did not
    work, either.

    It has been 4 months since they have been out and our walls are mushy again. My
    husband is so infuriated he is ready to walk away from the house and ruin his
    credit. I am simply tired of packing. You see, we moved in July 2006, then had
    to pack everything again when they came to work on the house the first time.
    Then unpack it when they left, then pack again this last time, and unpack when
    they left again. I am so sick of packing. I don't have time to do it again. So,
    if we have to pack again, we are just going to take it out of the house for
    good. I think that they just put the house together very poorly and no amount of
    coming out to fix the after effects will solve the underlying problem, which
    they have still not figured out.

    Damage Resulting = Physical: water hanging over my breaker box, terribly soggy
    walls, rust, mold, mildew, uneven floors, to name a few.

    Economic: Time off work to pack, extra money spent on food when we had to stay
    in motels while they worked on our house, extra money for gas since said hotels
    were further away from work and school than the house, most likely the electric
    bill is higher than it should be due to the bad construction of the home.

  • Wi
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    I purchased my Harbor Springs Elite Fleetwood home in 2007 and have had noting but trouble from it and the service Fleetwood provided. Leaks, mold, electrical problems, cracked dry wall, swelling floors, etc... After my home was installed I noticed the floor in the utility room was buckling so, I called it in and they sent a team out and basically I just learned that the team falseified document stating that they replaced the floor boards etc. I sent Fleetwood a records request and they sent me all of my service records and I was amazed at the things that were said to be down and the things that were not done.

    I now have 6 placeing in my home that have swelled to a point that they are a trip hazzard. I called Fleetwood and was told that there is nothing that could be done because of the bankruptcy Fleetwood filed.

    We filed a claim with our insurance company today and we were informed that we do not have a claim and we are on our on on this matter. The repairs are going to run between $8000.00 - $10, 000.00 I am sick, I purched the home with good faith and now have a money pit. This was supposed to be our retirement home and now it is just a nightmare

  • Be
      11th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I Bought a fleetwood home and I am pissed I have had to fix all the draws and I have to replase the skirting that is just falling apart Be fore the water was even hooked up i had to replace pipes because they left water in the lines and they froze and broke. Nothing is straight or plum The interer doors have 2inches of gap ant the bottom. I was told that was to allow for settling. I bought this home because i could live in constructing anymore and i feel that that is just what os happening

  • Sh
      14th of Jan, 2012
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    My complaint is similiar yo all the others, we have had our home eight years and are having nothing but problems everywhere in the home there is a water line for example dishwasher refriderater heat pump the list goes on and on but anyway the floor is sagging the showers and tubs are busted shingles are coming off left and right, We are paying $512.38 a month for the next 22 years for a piece of crap thats going to fall apart before its paid for.Wish i had it to do over never would have went with fleetwood, very poor put together homes and would not recomend fleetwood to anyone, and what is so bad about it they know how poorly they are put together and continue to do so. very unhappy costomer marion va

  • Pi
      28th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Hello. Me and my wife bought a new Fleetwood in 2006 in md. The home from day one is a piece of crap. From day one frozen shower trap broke 2 time under house every year with blow dryer heating pipes. 3 heat tapes on line. In back of house can see floor from bottom no insulation. Both toilet guts been replaced. Both shower facets replaced. Molding coming loose inside. Roif inside cracked at a frame. Furnace brock 4 times. Ac 2 times. Floor buckled at ac unit. Ac condensation filled underbelly up with water. Fireplace brick cracked. Whole counter loose. I need help and no one to turn to. In park can't sell for what I owe and park owners so greety they want 10 persent of sale. Park is so crappie. Cars in mud. Wholes big enougj to nock car out of alighnment dust when dry so bad can't leave windows open. Back porch in deal with home park sold me. Crooked and cracking and a awning that has spouts layed crooked and water don't drain and even missing tie-down bolts to this day. Do not buy a trailer from north end of hagerstown md. There is only 3 up there and only 1 sell Fleetwood. They are nice till you sighn them papers. It saden

  • Ma
      8th of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    roof gone leaking, around vent pipes and other room you can see the sky.disable, no money to fix.Dont know what to do.Help some one

  • Ca
      6th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    My husband and I bought a Fleetwood in 2007 and contacted the Nowell's Housing for over a year with complaints about the molding, shingles, etc. and never got any of it fixed. The front of the house was supposed to be siding but it was that hardy board. Our home has had several water leaks because there was no backing put behind the front of the house and there was no plywood put behind the hardy board. I must say that for the money we paid, I have never been so disappointed.

  • Mo
      25th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    We purchased a 3bd/2ba Fleetwood from Clayton homes in 2012 from Twin falls ID, I will never purchase another trailer ever again. The walls are so thin, no insulation between the walls. Walls are uneven as is the floor. Cabinets are not even real wood as they claimed and are falling apart literally. Bottom of our front door was constantly leaking when it would rain so my husband replaced the bottom of the door and all there was, was a piece of wood and the wood was ducked taped, I'm assuming because it broke so they taped it together. Once when it rained so much the water was leaking in from the bathroom floor. Once again I will never purchase anything from Fleetwood again. We paid so much for something that's not even worth the price. Very disappointed!!!

  • Sh
      16th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    We bought a Fleetwood Home in 2005. We have had many roof leaks over the years and finally had to have a new roof put on after 12 years. We had 30 year shingles...WTH? Last year our floor started to swell in various places in the home, to the point of becoming trip hazards, some of which I had to fix. Now this year, the floors are swelling in several other places again. What are we to do? The articles above would indicate that since Fleetwood file bankruptcy, there is nothing to do or anyway for us to get our floors fixed except for fixing them ourselves. I can't afford to fix these floors, the expense is too great. But, we need to be able to walk thru our home without tripping over our floors. Help??????

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