Fitzgerald Coaching / told me they would lead generate for $5,000. for 10 listings its been a year -0-

NEW YORK state, US
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I was pressured by the sales agent from Fitzgerald coaching. I was dealing with an family emergency when my brother was hospitalized over a year ago dying. The agent from FC called and I told her it was bad timing and she was pressuring me that the spot was only open or it would be gone. She promised how they will get you 10 listings for $5, 000.00 and 20% referral fee. I said I wanted to speak to agents that have used them. They gave me names of agents whom I called. They all raved about how great they were. The FC agent called again the next day and under extreme pressure I had to send a $5, 000 cashiers check to them overnight. They did not full fill any of the things they promised. I was sending in the contacts and did not get anything. I reached out to Cheri Washburn the CEO and she started giving me clients, one to two a month. They were not qualified, and nothing ever came out of the leads. Most thought I had a buyer for them and did not understand I was going on a listing appointment. Some were already listed with another agent. I called and email numerous times and wanted a refund. They would not refund my money at all. It was the biggest rip off losing the $5, 000.00 Please do not ever sign up with them. They are the biggest con artists in the real estate market. If you see their name or get a call RUN. I am sickened to lose this money. They should be shut down.

Nov 12, 2016

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