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Hi! My name is Sarah Sunshine (Member # [protected] in Chatsworth 91311) and I've been with your Fitness 19 Chatsworth branch since the moment it opened this last fall. The Saturday 9am spin class is chaos. There's too many of us who want to spin at the same time with the favored instructor RICHARD. I have taken it upon myself to create a petition so that the members can join voices and let management know there are more than enough people who want to spin with Richard on Saturday morning, PLEASE add an additional RICHARD class at 7am or 7:30am. I tried to approach the manager yesterday morning around 8:50am (Monday) and while seeing the petition in my hand, he rudely told me that he "has no time for you right now". There was no one in the lobby and he was not on the phone. He was socializing with a fellow employee behind the front desk while sitting at the computer. Without knowing what I wanted to discuss or talk about, when I asked to speak to the main manager he told me he was it and that he's "really busy working on something and I don't-have-time-for-you-right-now". He relayed this statement in an abrupt harsh tone. I found him very rude & extremely unprofessional. He made me feel like maybe I don't belong at Fitness 19 Chatsworth and that I might be better off joining a different spin studio.

I would like to voice my concern for the demeaning way the manager Kenny McQueen treated me. It would be advantageous to Fitness 19 Chatsworth if he took a course in Leadership or perhaps be replaced with a seasoned manager who has great people skills.

I would also like to speak with his district manager or whomever is his boss, I hear his boss's name is Aaron. Might it be possible for you to help me locate Aaron of Fitness 19 Chatsworth? Is there any main CEO out there or District Manager who truly cares about the integrity of Fitness 19 as a whole? I'd like to speak with someone who cares about good customer service and who values the members of this gym.

My only goal with creating the petition is to help my fellow spinners be able to enjoy a class with Richard on Saturday mornings because offering just one class at 9am isn't enough. I started this petition this past Saturday morning Aug 18th and already have 89 signatures. Once I obtain 200 signatures would like to mail the petition and a letter to Aaron of Fitness 19 Chatsworth to speak with him directly on behalf of our spinning community and how our needs are not being met. The spinners of Fitness 19 Chatsworth have been told for months that they are going to add an additional RICHARD class early Saturday morning and nothing has come of it. We are tired of having to arrive over an hour early just to get a bike. Plainly, there's just too many people who want to spin with RICHARD on Saturday mornings, if an additional class was added it would be a profound service to many. Thank you so much for taking time to read this and for your attention to this matter. I thank you in advance for your prompt reply.


Sarah Sunshine Spin Enthusiast 818.723.7046

PS. I have created a 10min video about this incident but for some reason cannot up load it here even though it is in MP4 format. IF you could please email me at: [protected] and let me know that you received this, perhaps I could forwarded you the accompanying video via email? Thank you so much for all your help.

Aug 21, 2018

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