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1 P.O. Box 30046, Tampa, FL, United States
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I also had to wait a couple of weeks, while the payroll people got their act together, in order to receive a paper check, instead of my normal direct deposit, which they completely botched...
So, I said fine, I will just go cash the paper check, and then deposit the money to my account. Of course, the check came in the mail on a Saturday, so going to my bank to cash it was out, and my only true option was the Money Center at Walmart. I was not happy to have to pay a fee to cash a check, but I figured $4 was not a huge problem. As such, I went ahead to Walmart to cash my payroll check, from the city, and was told that these Certegy people had flagged me as a check fraud high risk somehow. This almost knocked my off my feet, as I have never bounced a check in my life, have a strong credit rating, and am paying off every bill that I owe consistently.
The little slip of paper that I was given, instead of my money, did not specify anything at all, and I am disgusted that now I have to fight with these Muslims at Certegy to be allowed to cash a check in America. I would try to call them, but have read that this is a waste of a phone call, and you will get nothing but the run-around in broken English, so instead I am going to have my Fiance cash the check for me, because apparently Certegy now controls all check cashing in the country, and can decline you with no good reason if they feel like it...
How is this even possible in a country that claims to be free, and how is a company like this legally allowed to impact people's finances??
I do NOT commit check fraud, and am sickened to be falsely accused of criminal activities by a company that is just a pack of criminals themselves...
Can somebody PLEASE shut down this Certegy nightmare, and not just sue them?? / Certegy

Dec 30, 2018

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