First National Bank [FNB]web purchased from my fnb account

J Nov 16, 2017

On the 28 October 2017 a web purchased was done on my Fnb account without my knowledge or approval I contacted the bank immediately they forwarded me a form to complete and to return which I did .A week went by no response from the bank I than called the bank after 28 minutes on the phone they told me to fill out another form and e-mail it back to the bank which I did . Another week pasted still no correspond from the bank I called them two days ago again spend 19 minutes on the phone and the consultant told me to call back after two days because they are still busy with my query. Today I called again 21 minutes on the phone I explained my problem to the consultant and she put me on hold and never returned. At the moment I am scared to put more fund's in this account and the level of service of the consultants is poor.My best option would be to close my account
This is really unexceptable behaviour from the bank.

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