First Gulf Bank [FGB] / credit card insurance plan

United Arab Emirates

It is really disappointed that continues request sent to fgb that there was 365 elite insurance fraudulently activated in my account. I received a call from fgb representative on 30/11/2016 and explained about this plan, but I clearly mentioned her in conversation to sent me all details in my email id before activating any plans in my account. But she directly sent a sms to me that your request is under process. So I tried to call her the same number which I received call, but it was never attended. However I send email to fgb customer care about this process and requested to cancel this 365 elite insurance at the same day.
Now the fgb complaint sell saying I verbally approved the 365 elite plan so they couldn't cancel this request, it meant the fgb is treating verbal conversation is stick evidence and email communication is nothing for them. If so they had recorded phone conversation that I requested them to sent detailed email regarding this plan but that is not a proof for them and trying to protect their executives. Why should I pay for one service not required for me and activated fraudulently,
Still I didn't receive any email reply from fgb except only the auto response from fgb customer care. More than 45 days over but no action has been taken for my complaints. Last 8 years I was dealing with fgb and it is not the first time experiencing the same issue.

Jan 17, 2017

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