First Gulf Bank / delay in presentation of cheque

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Phone: +97126811511

11 September 2014

Head of Consumer Banking
First Gulf Bank
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dear Sir

Subj: Complaint

CC # [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

I hold the above-mentioned numbers for over 10 years. All this while, I have never had an issue with First Gulf Bank. If you look at the historical records, you will find that neither have I have ever defaulted with the payment nor have I raised any concerns. I have been consistent in availing reasonable offers provided by FGB and have always ensured that I pay on time.

A recent event has shocked me, surprised me and has instilled a fear within me.

I had deposited a cheque for my payment on Sept 5, 2014 (due date being 10/09/2014). I was travelling overseas and since I did not see any debit from my bank account until 09/09/2014, I called up the bank on +[protected] (at around 10am UAE time) where a filipina staff answered. I expressed my concern regarding the payment and she stated that it takes 4 working days; when I insisted to know as to why it takes 4 working days she simply stated it is the banks policy and that I should call and check later during the day (I was aghast!!!).

On 10/09/2014 (the payment due date), I received a notification from my bank that my account has been debited. However, I was not convinced if the said amount is credited to my FGB credit card as it was due that day and I did not receive any SMS confirming that it was credited. In concern, I called up the bank on +[protected](at around 08:53pm UAE time) and a gentleman answered. I queried if the payment was received and he answered in the affirmative. However, I then asked him as to why it has taken the bank 5 working days to clear my cheque for which he answered that it takes 4 working days as per the banks policy. I informed him
1) That it has taken the bank 5 working days and not 4 days
2) Send me a copy of the banks policy (he told me to contact customer service for which I asked as to what was he?)
3) That I was a customer and he should treat me like one. Without customers like me, you would not be in a job nor would the bank function, hence ensure that he answers me correctly, justify his statements and provide me with a copy of the policy.
4) To stop speaking nonsense and provide some credibility to his statement

The representative stated that the payment is done so what is the issue. I told him the issue is simple “delay by the bank due to inefficient performance”. If there was a default, then who is responsible. Do I really need to wait for an event to happen or highlight issues of concern when they tend to incur.
Five (5) working days is still unclear to me. As per Central bank directive (came to know through reliable source who work for professional banks), that all banks should clear cheques maximum by 2 working days and FGB is clearly flaunting this directive.
Moreover, the representatives are not apologetic, nor do they understand the seriousness of the situation, etc. It seems like FGB wants that the customer should default the payment. This is a matter of grave concern to me.

I need an apology by the gentleman and by the bank and a clear explanation to the delay in presenting my cheque.

Needless to add, you are bound to lose a customer of my repute as soon as my payment schedule is over i.e. in the next 10 months. I understand that you have plenty of customers and with one moving out, it would not make the bank much difference. However, please be reminded that one by one when you start losing customers and the word of mouth spreads, you can imagine the fate. Take historical examples of banks that had to close down operations for failure in Consumer banking.

Before I forget, your representative disconnected my overseas call when I was talking to him --- so very unprofessional.

I believe if you take appropriate action on time, it would save the bank, else we will wait and watch.



Sep 11, 2014

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