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First Equity Card / Random denial of account

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So we go along for almost 2 years without a hiccup, then all of a sudden my card is denied. Now mind you that before I left for my $16 purchase there was over 3k available to me on my card. So I get back and call to inquire what the problem is, after verifying ALL of my information they tell me that corporate has placed a hold on my account and they could not tell me but they could submit a request for the information and that they would have an answer for me in 24-48 hours. I told them that wasn't good enough, what else did they have for options, what about me calling corporate? Nope not an option they only had a fax number and mailing address. Fine give me the information, I'll submit what I need to you submit what you need to. Now who can I expect to call me back with this information in 2 ridiculous days? Mind you I cannot use my card until Corp. verifies... Oh nobody will call you, but feel free to call us back and we can get you the information once it's sent to us! WONDERFUL! So what do I do???? I fax them, I e-mail them and what do I get??? nothing!!! oh wait an e-mail back the next day saying that they would get back with me in 2 business days! FUN!
So I call back in 2 days like a good consumer and what did they say the problem was??? Well corp. placed the cards on hold because they had "old phone numbers". What are old phone numbers? My numbers have not changed since I got the card!!! Oh well that's all the computer told us and when you called in the other day and verified ALL of your information the hold was taken off. Well isn't that nice?!? the lady on the other end didn't know that! She didn't know why the hold was there! she said that the card would be on hold for 2 days! Oh and when I asked if she thought that was ridiculous, she replied, in your terms and agreements it clearly states that Corp can place a hold on your card at any time for any reason! I said I called in 6 months ago and verified all of my information. So you are telling me that in order to keep my card from being on hold randomly I need to call in once a month to verify my info??? She said she didn't know and if I wanted to do that I could. So not the point! I don't need to waste my time! So I asked to speak to a manager and the only "other" information he could give me was the phone number to corporate [protected] x 105 Steve Tirendi. Ok so I left a message for him with what I thought about his company and told him that I expect a call back!~ Let's see how far this gets me! Oh and by the way I'm closing the account! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CARD.

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      1st of Mar, 2010
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      13th of Jun, 2011
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    I have been having the same issue with this company. I have been paying the account since 2007 (started with a 1200.00 balance) on a credit program. They had been getting regular payments of 25.00. My balance was down to 350.00. I now receive a letter from a collection agency telling me I still owe them 1015.00 !!! When calling the company I was told that I had incurred interest which was not supposed to happen with being on a credit program. I never received any statements from them at all until now. I am highly annoyed and regret ever having this credit card.

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