First Dataclient experience

I had several problems with this company. Starting with the leasing department. What I was told and what I was build were two different things. So the prices you are quoted are not true. When I would contact them I was unable to get any where with the technical support . Every time I asked a new question the same answer was repeated to me over and over with out any suggestions or help in moving past my merchandise problem. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told she is out to lunch continually. Then I was rudely told that they have answered my questions . To top it off I was hung up on several times because their technical support or service people were not willing to help me. To finalize my issue was never solved and I am being charged again for equipment I have already returned. They claimed the equipment has never been returned but my tracking number proved them wrong...this company is dishonest and seems to be confused on their business ethics and morals. I would not recommend anyone having to use this company and go through this experience. It was terrible ... Do not use this business.

Feb 18, 2015

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