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First Choice Power / Billing and Customer Service

1 2917 Las Vegas Trl Apt A, 76116Fort Worth, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 817.721.6180

At this point First Choice Power is the worst electric company I have ever encountered. Their customer service is deplorable, their rates are ridiculous and their company as a whole has not flexibility to being customer centric.
I have received large bills of over $300 per month on average (for most months) from First Choice for almost 2 yrs. In the month of October I received a bill larger over $300 and with the economy; it was not in my budget to pay the entire bill as I would do in most cases. My pay period fall on the 15th and end of the month and my ususal due date is the 15th-16th of the month. So, thinking First Choice was a reputable company I paid 2/3 of the bill on the 16th and was going to pay the other 1/3 of the bill on my next pay day which was only 15 days away. At the same time we has a mail box problem at home and the mail man would not deliver (so i would have had no idea if a termination notice was sent the next day after the due date).
Well to make a long story short, on the 31st of October when I was calling from work to pay the remaining portion of my bill (in which the entire bill would have been paid during the same month, 2 weeks apart and without any previous service term issues) and at the same time the First Choice Power guy was out there terming my service. At the same time I was calling. They would not stop the guy at my home from killing the power, then they said i would have a disconnect fee $15, reconnect fee $15, deposit $280 plus, PLUS! the next month bill all rolled into on big fat bomb and just before the holidays. The service rep I spoke with before the call ended - Julia - employee # UAA015 stated she was a supervisor, she understands I've never missed or been late to the point of termination on a payment but, would not help me with all these fees. I asked for another supervisor and she declined to give me one. She told me she was the only supervisor there, i asked for her supervisor and she told be that she is the only supervisor they have. I as for anyone higher than her in the company and she told me she was *IT*. I asked for a VP, SVP, Pres or CEO of the company and she told me she was the only contact there that i could have.
Since then, Ive had a bill for more that $500 plus a laundry list of other problems. What was first thought to be a blessing when i needed them has now been realized to be an electric company spawned in the bowels of hell by the devil himself. They currently have me on a bogus contract with a rate of 0.187kWH and mind you my rate was 0.114kWh. I'm gone break this contract and get the hell on before i have to start selling off stuff just to keep my family warm.

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  • Be
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I am currently a First Choice Power customer and I completely diasgree with the statement above. I don't think it's fair to hold a company liable for not receiving a disconect notice. They do send you a bill with a due date and if we as customer fail to contact them to let them know that we need arrangements before the due of the bill then most likely they will give it to you as long as you have a normal good paying history. In regards to the price plan change I also went through a rise of price per Killowatt however they have been able to lower it now that gas prices are lower. we can't blame them for high consumption at our homes. All the representatives I spoke to have been really nice and patient with me.

  • As
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    Amen to that. I just started back up with first choice only because the other company "Ambient" were going to take three to five days to hook up my power. So I decided to pay the money I owed them from a previous year and when I called they happily took my money and charged me a 395 dollar deposit. So I payed half of it which was 197 dollars and guess what they cut my electric off after 15 days of service. I told them I could pay a 100 and then the rest tomorrow when my husband gets paid. The customer rep. was nice but the supervisor was a WITCH. She also told me there was no one higher than her. I told her she was full of it. So what can we do? I know I will never recommend First Choice Power, they suck and the managers are unprofessional. You would think if we are trying to work payment arrangements, that they would work with you. They are just money hungry and I will never go back to them. I would rather go to one of those prepaid electric companys.

  • Bu
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    First Choice Power - Electric Night Mare
    First Choice Power
    United States

    We too have had a night mare dealing with FCP and have gone round with them a lot. It reached it's peak this week. We contacted the bbb and the attorney general. I would advise all those who have had the same problems I have read here and around us to do the same. The more the complaints the better the results. Both have already responded to us and the complaints were filed last night Dec. 2nd 2008.

  • Mi
      30th of Aug, 2016
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    yes my name is misty wade my account number is 684304421 and I'm am to get Saturdays sunday free and I am not getting them so plz fix this matter.

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