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3 weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Nike shoes from this site. They list their inventory (according to them) up to the minute and showed that they had the shoes I wanted in the size I needed. They charged my Mastercard and confirmed my order within minutes. About 6 hours later, I got a cancellation notice, telling me that they did not have the shoes I had ordered. I wanted to try to order them at another site, but since they had already charged my credit card, I did not have the funds available. I called their customer service line. The girl I spoke with was pleasant, she apologized for my inconvenience, she promised to fax a release to my CC company. I asked why the website showed the shoes available if they were not and she gave me some Malarkey about the shoes being in individual stores and someone making a physical store purchase at the same time I was ordering. This couldn't possibly be true since I ordered at 7 AM EST and no stores in the US would even be open for at least another 3 hours! I told her that and told her how disappointed I was as this was the first time I had ever ordered from them. She assured me that this was a fluke, that their inventory system was highly accurate and that less than 1% of all sales ever needed to be canceled for nonavailability. She also told me that shoes indicating a shipping time of 5-10 days as mine did, were in short supply, but if I ordered shoes that indicated 2-4 days shipping, it meant they had plenty of them available for immediate shipping.

June 20, 2007, I ordered 2 pair of shoes from Both pair indicated shipping time of 2-4 days. Once again, they charged my credit card immediately, not waiting to see if they actually had them. I received an email the next day that one pair had been shipped. It did not tell me which pair. That pair arrived on June 25 via UPS. This morning, 6/26/07, I called to ask about the second pair, since I had heard nothing. I was told that they did not have the shoes, the order had been canceled. I never received anything telling me that and I have been watching for any information from very closely.

TWICE IN 3 WEEKS, I have ordered shoes they say are available which have not been. I have had my CC charged IMMEDIATELY both times and the orders canceled. I will NEVER. NEVER do business with them again.

And they could not care less. All their customer service people say is "I'm Sorry. This is unusual. We always have shoes available if they are on the website". BULL!!!

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  • Sh
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    I totally agree I will never shop with them again not only did the charge for 3 pairs of Nike spikes but stated my charge was on hold but credit card stated charged immedialtely twice but once I kept getting the run around about my order, I cancelled the orders and it took them 4 days to give me money back but 24 hours to charge me.And the customer service reps were rude, ghetto, and had a different story each time I called. I even asked for a manger and the rep. stated "we have one but I have to try to help you first"! I was stunned, being in a retail business I can tell you no business can maintain with that kida of customer service. I will never purchase from them again.

  • Da
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I agree, I ordered 3 pairs of shoes. Received only 2 pairs, but according to customer service, all 3 pairs were shipped. After 2 hours on the phone with customer service all i got was "I am sorry sir there's nothing we can do for you because our records show 3 pairs were shipped". I will never do business with them again.

  • Ra
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree.. Worst company with worst customer service. Customer service reps are rude and they dont care about you. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes on dec 19th and paid for rush delivery. One out of the 2 pairs showed on 7th of Jan and I still have not received the other one but I got charged for it back in Dec. Everytime I call customer service, they are very rude and they keep blaming ups for the loss. I wish their management was reading this or there was email address to write to.

  • Ur
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    Finish Line Usa - Incompetent oil change
    Finish Line USA
    United States

    I took my Vehicle in for an oil change and someone forgot to put the cap back on for the rear differential oil and a few days later I had over 1, 700.00 in damages. After contacting Finish Line USA Car Wash they kept giving me the runaround and the owner refused to talk to me. If you�re looking for an honest place to change your oil this is not the place to go. Sure the place is nice and it looks great, but if you have a problem good luck just trying to talk to them.

  • St
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    I had the same experience... Ordered sneakers online and was then told they had to cancel the order 3 days later. Finishline Sports is a very bad with customer service. I also emailed them three times to to ask for help and they have NEVER replied to my email. Steer clear of Finishline Sports

  • Er
      15th of Mar, 2010
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    Finishline - Falce pricing
    United States

    I went to the store found a pair of Nike shoes on the clearance rack they had a price of $19.98 on them. There was one pair there and they were in my sons size. Luck me right? Wrong got up to pay for them and they ring up $29.98 so I showed him the tag and he sd well they ring up $19.98. I said the tag shows 19.98 and that is what I expect to pay for them. He sd the tag is wrong. I said well that is your mistake and not mine. The manager sd that he can not change the price becuz Finishline has had so many employees changing prices for their friends. I informed I did not care about any of that ALL I WANT is those shoes for the price they are marked that they are misadvertising!!! So after a 20-25 min. agreement I left with no shoes.

  • Pr
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    Worst company I've ever done business with. Stay away from this company. Placed an order online for a pair of shoes of which I was charged for instantly (Funds came out of my bank account) 4 days later I received "My package" only to open it and find out it's someone else's shoes which belong to a woman who was supposed to receive the shoes in West Virginia... I'm in IL. I have a copy of her receipt along with her name and address on the shipping docs, not to mention her shoes. I called customer service over at Finishline and the person who answered decided to turn into a politician and kept repeating herself over and over as to the fact that I would have to drive into a Finishline store and return the women's shoes and then once those shoes were back in their system, they would then at that point send my shoes of which I paid for a WEEK AGO! So, their store screws up and I have to fix it all of which while they have my money. Real professional. STAY AWAY FROM FINISHLINE!!!

  • Do
      22nd of Nov, 2010
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    I purchased a pair of Air Shocks for my daughter and there were a pair on clearance for a alot lower pair. I asked the store associated if I could have the mate to the one on clearance and did not even move to get the mate . I ended up paying $100.00 for a pair of shoes I could have gotten for $60.00 . I feel they do not have enough workers and also eveyone is just trying to make the commission and not even take care of the customer this is my second complaint and I talked to a associate at the main location and was told someone would get back to me . I feel that there should be something done with how they mis lead people.

  • Li
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    I went into the cambridge finishline to get shoes for my wife for Christmas. They did not have her size so the salesperson gave me the mail to the house option. I thought it sounded great. I looked up to find out about my order from the finishline website and they had no record of my order. I then called the customer service line. first the line would not connect. it took my 5th call to connect. then my hold time was 19 minutes. I stayed on hold for half an hour and still no answer. I then called the store that made the order for me and they could not give me any information on the order. I then called the customer service again later on in the day.It took my tenth call to get through. My wait time is 19 minutes. Once agin it is half hour and still nothing. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH STORE AGAIN. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NO ANSWER ANYWHERE YOU GO.

  • Da
      6th of Jun, 2011
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    Finishline - my response to false finishline info
    United States

    my response to a finishline comment on my original complaint is not posting, so this is my response here:

    wrong. i went into finishline in northridge asking for a brand of insoles they did not carry any more. the salesman TOLD me that sofsoles 'air' soles were actually better, AND that if i used them and they caused problems i could bring them BACK TO FINISHLINE for a refund. yes, the insole manufacturer offered a warranty on the box. but i explained to the saleperson i had herniated discs, a medical injury, and the soles i was looking for worked. HE offered the store warranty on taking them back if the sofsole airsoles didn't work.

    well, finishline didn't honor this express guarantee at time of purchase. remember, this was a lifetime injury i had and needed a specific product that finishline no longer carried. THEY (through the salesman) offered the guaranty. OTHERWISE there is no way i would have taken the chance to purchase the sofsoles.

    i suppose you can blame me for trusting the store, BUT in the past, under a different store manager, that finishline store had gone out of it's way for customer satisfaction. the manager personally accepted back a pair of air nikes that had the air sole pop after several uses. it was at that time i became a 100% finishline customer. but NO more.

    bottom line, the air soles the salesman had guaranteed were air encapsulated insoles that deflated midway into the first run. bottom line for finishline was that the salesman said he was wrong, that he couldn't now take the defective merchandise back. i asked to speak to his manager. the salesman told me his manager wasn't available. after asking for the phone to call finishline corporate from the store, i learned the manager was standing next to us the entire time and did not identify himself, but had refused the refund. when i called corporate, they said refunds were the discretion of the store manager. i left the bad sofsole insoles in the store with the manager, who had them in his possession, and walked out, immediately calling my bank and instituting a chargeback, since the store now had the faulty insoles back in their possession. i got my money back.

    BUT finishline not only lost a very strong customer that day, but i have told my story to many many people, started a blog, and been surprised to find out on google how many other such merchant abuses finishline had committed, worse than selling someone with a lifetime injury a product under a refund guarantee, and then refusing to honor it.

    i don't know if the same manager is still at the northridge store, this was over a year ago, but i will NOT give finishline a second chance after their corporate customer service let this happen and didn't override. BAD BAD practices!

  • Em
      19th of Jun, 2011
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    I am an manager for the Finish Line CO...I have to say if we mark something with a wrong price...we are obligated to change it in the computer. Otherwise it is false advertising. you should of contacted customer service ..And as far as commision goes...finish line isnt on commision til later this year.

  • La
      28th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes - Talk about terrible business sense and a horrible company for customer service
    United States

    Seriously tried to buy 4 sweatshirts from the site on Cyber Monday, the site would not alllow me to purchase the sweatshirts. Every time I got to the checkout it would say to review order but would never let me purchase it. So I tried calling, after 30 minutes on hold, I decided nobody works at Finish Line. So I decided to call a local store, the guy told me "Yeah our website is messed up, but if you want to order in the can do that" I asked How about over the phone? No it doesn't work over the phone. Talk about terrible business sense and a horrible company for customer service. PATHETIC!!

  • Er
      28th of Jan, 2013
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    Finish Line - Poor Customer Service
    Finish Line
    West Virginia
    United States

    I went into Finish Line for new running shoes and was greeted by a man who was helping another woman. None of the other three employees bothered to assist me. They all seemed eager to help the young, pretty girl that came in shortly after me. Anyways, I asked for a couple pair of shoes in 7.5 but they were sold out, so I asked the guy to bring me any of the Brooks shoes they had in my size. He was only able to provide me two. I ended up ordering a pair and having it sent to me. After trying the shoes on and wearing them for less than 10 minutes to see how they felt as I hopped around (inside). I was unhappy so I decided to return them. So I took them back to the store and was greeted by a young kid who had the worst customer service I have ever seen. I told the guy I wanted to return them, he looked at them and walked away without saying anything. He got the manager to come out to tell me that I had to exchange them because they looked worn (the bottom was dusty). I have been a shopper at Finish Line for all of my tennis shoes for the past ten years. I will be taking my business else wear from now on.

  • Ph
      10th of Feb, 2013
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    You say you wore them for "less than 10" minutes, but obviously they were worn enough that they couldnt be resold. Put yourself in their position. What are they supposed to do with worn shoes? Would you pay full price for a pair of shoes that someone else wore? Even if it was for "10 minutes". I doubt it. Just because you are a "loyal" customer to a business doesnt entitle you more than any other customer. Just think about it from their perspective/business perspective. You cant buy a car, drive it for 3 days (aka 10 min.) and expect to be able to take it back. Its used merchandise at that point.

  • Qj
      14th of Feb, 2013
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    I went with my son to Finish line at tutle cross blvd, Columbus ohio. He was looking to Bascket ball Nike shoes, each time he liked ones they said it is not available at the store and it is better to order it. I placed an order then I got an E-mail said the item is not available at any store, that is fine, afterward I called the customer care to get my money back, it has been a week a keep calling they put me on hold each time for 15- 20 minutes and eventually I got no answer...I called the store that i placed an order, they simply keep saying " we can not do anything call a customer care". what an unprofessional way of dealing with customer I even seen here in United States.
    wish they improve it in near future otherwise I would never think to go there.

  • Jo
      1st of Mar, 2013
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  • Cm
      14th of Jun, 2013
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    Got up early to order some Jordan XI lows and 15 minutes after they started to sell got an order in. Got my email confirmation and states in the email 3-4 days for processing in warehouse. 2 days in I email and on the third day I get an email stating my order would be fulfilled and would even be expedited. 5th day I actually call because I still have not received a tracking number. The CSR is casually talking and not even interested in trying to find a better answer other than "well if it's this long your order is probably going to be canceled and this shoe was in demand." Yes I understand but I got an order confirmation why would you sell more than you received to begin with? I ask will I get my shoes she said probably going to get canceled you want to cancel your order? To which I reply might as well I can't afford to have money just held up on my card for who knows how long. Despite the fact that all this time they haven't contacted me to let me know what is going on, I had to contact them and ask them questions. In the past I have had smooth transactions but who has problems when things go smooth and you need help? Nobody!! When I have a problem or issue is when I needed good customer service and they decide that one person is not worth the trouble. I asked to speak to a supervisor to which I was put on hold and she came back and said there was no supervisor available that she would put me to a voicemail and get a response within 24-48 hours????? Really that is not customer service to me. I don't care how large of a company you are, there is time to talk to a customer in the day. The lack of communication and lack of being able to or wanting to help me is why I'm choosing to never shop at Finishline ever again and that goes for my family as well now. After talking to them they have decided to no longer give this place their money for fear of not being able to have issues resolved if they arise. All it took was one bad experience and nobody cared to help me or give me a straight answer.

  • Jo
      31st of Dec, 2013
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    Finish Line - Ordered Nike Shox Shoes
    Decatur, il
    United States
    Phone: 217-422-8577

    I bought a pair of Nike Shox NZE4 on 12-2013 for my child for Christmas. This is the only large item she wanted. The shoes were too small. I took them back to Finish Line in Decatur IL to exchange them on12-21-13. The sales clerk tried to order them on line. She said she did know how to do it. She call up the salesman Jacob. He put the information in the computer. The said the shoes might not be here in time for Christmas they should be here a day or 2 after Christmas. On Friday 12-27-13 I have not received the shoes. I call the Customer service number and spoke to Chris. She said there was nothing she could do because my order was In route. I told her I received a email that the shoes were at the UPS site and had not left for delivery. She told me when I received my order I could return the shoes and they would refund my credit card. I told her that was unacceptable. That means I would have to go out and look for my child something else for Christmas. I told her when I went to the Decatur store to exchange the shoes I notice that Jacob had on my receipt the reason for the return was I did not like them. If I didn't like them why would I exchange the same shoes for a larger size. I told her that make no sense. This is unacceptable to me and I do not except to buy anything else from Finish Line. I will spend my money where I can get better service. She apologize to me. By this time my child is crying because she didn't have her shoes and so was I. This store has bad customer service. Why would you tell customer they will have something when you know there is a problem with UPS packages going out to customers. Chris ask me what phone number can some reach me at I told her I work from 9:00 to 5:00 and I gave her my cell phone number to the person to call me. It is Tuesday 12-31-13 at 12:36 p.m. I have not heard anything from them.

  • Pr
      31st of Dec, 2013
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    all you can do is track the package to make sure its being process. as long as its on the truck it could be the post. contact the post as well. harass them for your package. if you have to deal with customer service-- point is you have to call a few times to speak with different reps to get a real answer cause not all know what they are saying. you will find one that will actually help but they all sure won't direct you to no upper management. don't know why but they won't!!! I also in the process of dealing with a stolen in store credit gift card that someone across the states had used some how when i have the original card here with me and original receipt. its funny how i was issue this card by the manager of my local finish line and in the end he turned me away to deal with customer service. In my opinion i think its him who scam me of my credit and sold the card off by duplicating it. There is no other way then this coming from the inside. So beware really beware. All the stress of dealing and researching and investigating for myself for just 100 card. omg..really! right now its Still under investigation so my money on hold. thats pissing me off. Either way finish line is reliable even if i have to take different measures. so keep all your receipts, transaction and document before you get cheated out and come out with nothing. Its always around christmas time, i had lost packages, extra charges, etc. as you can see i am a loyal customer but I admit finish line lacks there professional base on customers 1st. they really don't stand behind their products, customers, and poor service. too many lessons learned. Hope this helps.

  • Rd
      30th of Nov, 2015
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    Visited the Danbury CT store on 11/15 and, like so many others, was encouraged to order for home delivery because my son's shoe size wasn't in stock at the store. I was told they would arrive 3-5 days later. The next day, I received an order confirmation and my credit card was billed. The order said that the shoes had shipped and provided a tracking number. After several days, I tracked the shipping with UPS only to find out that the order had NEVER SHIPPED. I then called their (outsourced, offshore) customer service line and was told that the order would be expedited and that I would receive it within the week. It's now more than 2 weeks later and the order has never shipped. I have called India (customer service) three times and have been told that a refund couldn't be issued because "the order has shipped." Clearly it has not - backed up by UPS tracking which still shows nothing. On my last call, I pushed for a refund and was told that one would be issued in 3-4 business days. OK. But then I get the incorrect, incredibly flip and unprofessional email confirmation (copied below). They want me to return product I NEVER RECEIVED!! I can not believe how horrible this company is. I will NEVER, NEVER ever set foot in their store again, and will tell this story far and wide. COPIED ACTUAL EMAIL:
    Your order return is in progress.
    1. If you opted for 'Email Shipping Label' option, please print attachment and paste the shipping label on the box before shipping.
    2. If you opted for a label via US Mail, you should receive the Shipping Label within 3-5 business days.
    3. If this is a replacement, We'll email you when your replacement order has been shipped.
    We'll send you another email upon receiving your return. Cool? Cool.
    NOTE: This is an automated email. Please do not reply to this mail as it will just disappear into space. If you have questions, please contact Customer Care at 1xxxxxxxxxx

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