Finish Line / poor customer service

I bought three pairs of nike jordans shoes from the Michigan city outlet store. I then drove 45 minutes back home to south bend, IN. My daughter's shoe did not fit. I also purchased the same shoe for myself just in a bigger size. I gave my daughter my shoe and decided to take her Jordan nike shoe back to the Michigan city Outlet sore, it is 45 minutes from my home. I arrived at the store and the manager who was a black guy with long Dred locks was very rude and stated that they did not have the Jordan in a bigger size. Lindsey the manager with the Dred locks state that he could order the shoe and have it mailed to the store closes to me, "which is the finish line in Mishawaka, IN. Then the manager Lindsey with the Dred locks stated that he could not order the shoe in the correct size because the shoe that I brought in to exchange was in the wrong size box. I purchased 2 nike Jordan shoes, one was a size 6.5 and the other was a size 7.5. I returned the size 6.5 in the 7.5 box. Lindsey the manager stated that I would have to drive all the way back home to get the correct box. Lindsey stated that the wrong box would mess up his inventory per Lindsey the manager with the long dred locks. I drove all the way home 45 minutes away and got the correct box, then I drove another 20 minutes to get to the Mishawaka, IN finish line. I spoke to the manager at the Mishawaka, in finish line and she stated that the manager Lindsey lied to me flat out. The manager at the Mishawaka store stated that Lindsey could have very well exchanged the shoe in Michigan city and ordered another shoe. I wasted time and gas driving back and forth. I have called and complained 2 other times concerning this issue. Since Lindsey is the manager I'm sure he's discarding the complaint however, I will find a way to be heard.

Mar 28, 2017

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