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I have been a member of FindAGrave for a few years and have had my fill of the rude admins. they have running their site. After reading a "help" forum, I was so irritated, I decided to end my membership. This comment wasn't even directed towards me, but this unprofessionalism is the norm, rather than the exception. Actually, there are two admins that are rude all the time. One being counted58x. Below is how she responded to someone's question in the forums. She is an absolute "B"! Why would anyone want to put up with these people?

Originally Posted By: ludlowbay

With regard to recent forum conversations concerning headstone cleaning do's & don'ts, I would still like clarification about the punishments that are repeatedly mentioned for failure to comply. I am NOT advocating any challenges to the discussion of proper cleaning methods, or the Find A Grave system in general.

I find only one mention of suspension in all of the FAQs, and that is in regard to charging money for taking photos. I find zero mentions of banned or time out.

If another member speaks in the forum, purportedly on behalf of Find A Grave and says "you can be given a time-out or permanently banned", I want to know where I can find the official version of that statement.

HER RESPONSE (counted58x):

My goodness. You do have trouble taking a hint, don't you?

We completely rewrote the FAQ last year and made them much more exhaustive. Do we need to spell out every little thing?

Don't chalk. Don't touch a stone that doesn't belong to you. Don't worry about consequences unless you do things we've told you not to do. That should be sufficient for adults to understand.

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