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Find A Grave / online memorial

Oct 10, 2018

I have found this site to be very very poor, I had created an account and memorials for loved ones I wished remembered. After a while, behaviour from members on the site concerned and worried me, as some members were at times rude or aggressive towards me and each other for no apparent...

Find A Grave / memorials

Jul 05, 2018

There is a person named SILE, going through all the memorials on find a grave. THE person seems to think, that, in uploading all the various cemeteries online to find a grave..thats all that has to be done. HOWEVER, in doing that, you can submit the dead person's name, and it will still...

Find A Grave / teresa s hony obituary

Sep 19, 2017

You have obituary and family completely wrong. I don't appreciate it. You all should not be allowed to publish false information.first off she died on disability from heart failure not liver failure. Second she has three kids and not the one you have listed the one you have listed just so...

Find A Grave / misrepresentation

Aug 31, 2017

Find A Grave technically supposed to be a site where people can remember their departed without a lot of hassle. The problem: By making a memorial you are opening yourself up to non family members (usually bored housewives) who make it their business to criticize your site, claiming the...

Find A Grave / find a grave ads

Aug 16, 2017

On August 15, 2017, I previewed the "new" Find a Grave and I am very dismayed. A look at my father's memorial showed a racy bra ad with cleavage zooming in and out. Has the management of Find a Grave no respect for the dead? My father was a disabled World War 2 veteran, a Bronze Medal...

Find A Grave / grave search

Jul 19, 2017

Horrible site - mostly graveyard vampyres (bored to death housewives with nothing better to do than to see how many graveyard memorials they can make if they know the deceased or not.) Many times these individuals use inaccurate date & swipe copyrighted family photos from other site...

Find A Grave / the service

Jul 14, 2017

Find A Grave for the most part is assorted photos of graves with bios made by bored housewives with usually no tie to the family. Its sort of a game - who can make the most memorials. Most of the info is inaccurate. In my particular case they took my grandparents names mixed them up with...

Find A Grave / membership

Feb 04, 2017

I discovered Find A Grave a short while ago when doing research on relative, Lt. Francis G. Turton who was a Silver Medal receipient that was KIA in Germany shortly before WW II ended. I have attempted to contribute information to his bio but have been repeatedly been ignored while trying to...

Find A Grave / indirect suicide encouragement. encourages suicidal people (diff level of suicidal) commit suicide and died. kills people indirectly.

Jan 11, 2017

When you go more on findagrave even you would also wish to suicide. Findagrave are full of dead people and family and freind love/care/support message those who dont have strong faith, dont go findagrave. Many people originally not suicide, but when they visit findagrave or funeral...

Find A Grave / unethical website

Jan 22, 2016

I see that someone else had this situation regarding someone photographing and posting her six-year old daughter's headstone and posting it on Find a Grave. My grandson was murdered in 2014 and someone who's 'volunteering' for find a grave posted a memorial and pilfered photos from... / this site is to be avoided at all costs

Sep 11, 2012

This site is to be avoided at all costs! There is a lot going on at the findagrave website that the unassuming public doesn't know about. This banning of members for no reason and deleting their memorials without cause will end up costing that website big and the members that are... / abused and bullied by a administrator and her friends

Sep 03, 2012

Used and abused, added thousands of photos and memorials sponsored 10 memorials when my account was suspended (by a biased administrator)all my hard work remained. Jim Tipton profits from those of use that visit and photograph cemeteries. His administrators play favorites and will favor...

findagrave / theft

Aug 23, 2012

I have had similar experiences. This site is a dictatorship and it hides behind the guise of helping others connect with their loved ones. They are despicable! I have experienced the rudeness of the admins, the failure to respond, and the deletion of years worth of work due to preferential... / the owner of this sight is making millions of dollars off of death and people's grief

Aug 22, 2012

This is not a "genealogical register for burials". It is a website that offers virtual "memorials" for the deceased. These people are not genealogists. No real and professional genealogist would be associated with a site that offers an "upgrade this memorial" or "remove these ads" link... / beware of this site

Aug 14, 2012

I was banned recently for disagreeing with some of the lifer/lurker types on the discussion board. No cursing, no personal attacks on any specific individual ... just disagreeing with them. Beware of this site. And trust me, they read this message board. They quote it all the time and... / stay away from this one

Jun 15, 2012

Thanks everyone for posting your similar ### experiences with the ### forum freaks. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that had bad experiences. I have not run into such a bunch of crass, controlling, unprofessional, psychotic dolts ever. Seems to be some strange obsessive...

Find A Grave / sacrilegious vulgarity

May 06, 2011

Who gave anyone at this "hobby site", the "right" to stand on my father's grave and take a picture of his tombstone? Unlike the many "famous" people and their graves that begin this site... it has now devolved into a grave violating hobby for a bunch of people who have nothing better...

findagrave / rude admins

Mar 08, 2011

I have been a member of FindAGrave for a few years and have had my fill of the rude admins. they have running their site. After reading a "help" forum, I was so irritated, I decided to end my membership. This comment wasn't even directed towards me, but this unprofessionalism is the...

Find A Grave / stay away

Mar 03, 2011

My name is Cindy McPhee, I last wrote here because I was really upset about find a grave unprofessionalism they never would explain why they turned off my account and picked on my Little sister (just because she was related to me) I at first felt taken advantage of because I had cared...

Find A Grave / protects stalkers and harassments

Feb 16, 2011

I signed up with this website 7 years ago... added 2 people I knew, NEVER HAD A PROBLEM BEFORE, thought they had their act together, until one of my own passed on, so I made a memorial for her since her sister decided to have a friend post an obituary in a newspaper cuting out the entire...

findagrave / stay away

Feb 07, 2011

I have posted several memorials to Greenwood and Oakwood cemeteries in Montgomery, Alabama and had them deleted. One person is responsible for this Denise #46987063. She has just deleted my memorials and entered the same memorial with her name on it. One day my memorial is there and the...

findagrave / unfair and bad membership service


Findagrave is a website that catalogs obituaries and burial places for genealogists. One can create "memorials" for their loved ones and others and list their burial locations for future generations. Many people also use it as a hobby and put in endless hours of cataloging obituaries and...

Find A Grave / scam


Find a photographed my 6 year old daughter's headstone and put it online. I was aghast when it popped up on my monitor. I have contacted the prosecutor and state police. The prosecutor says that I can file a civil complaint about this infringement against the guy who took...