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I have emailed 5 times so far. They charged me for a movie, and then sent in its place, another movie that I never ordered. I have tried many times to correct this order and NO response, what so ever. They even charged me for the higher priced movie and sent a cheaper movie.

Feb 08, 2013
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  • La
      Mar 22, 2013

    Thank you. The public need feedback like this to avoid being scammed. Everything I have read so far about this movie site has been quite negative. I am well warned. Thanks

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  • Ra
      May 21, 2013

    Ra! Hi I have been trying to get a hold of some one at with no luck! due to the fact when I tried to watch the movies that I chose I wasn't able to connect with them so therefore I cancelled my membership, well I thought I did obviously it hasn't. However I have just checked my bank account and they have accessed my account to take out $65.10 on the May 22nd 2013 with no warning or reason too withdraw my money.

    Somebody please respond to me asap!
    Thank you Ra

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  • Ni
      May 29, 2013

    These people are crooks. They charged me $49.95 for nothing. I never even had a trial period, I'm calling the attorney general's office.

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  • Ch
      Jun 19, 2013

    The same happened to me I signed up with this crooked company in the big bad U.S. and have found the have charged me $49.95 with nothing to show for it. Don't be fooled by their website which states that your credit card is just for regulatory purposes of identifying what city and country you are from. Big Frauds. I'll let you know if I get my money back :( very disappointed.

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  • Ch
      Jul 23, 2013

    I have now had x2 months charges returned to my Barclaycard Account. I was much delighted and rang my Barclaycard operator to make sure I was reading my statement correctly. I was informed that Barclaycard's investigations team looked into this and helped to get back my money so Well Done Barclaycard and Thank you FilmLair for being reasonable in this instance. From a Happy Customer.

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  • We
      Aug 04, 2013

    I seldom watch films but wanted to see Inception upon recommendation. Spent over 1 hour trying to stream free view of Inception. surprised they wanted my personal debit card details. Did that. After much trial and error complication got on line and did serach for Ineption...No luck. Browsed through films on offer. All cheap nasty films I would never ever watch...Yuk, obivously not my type of site AT ALL. then I read comments of people being scammed and having money taken out of their account. I phoned helpline and after long wait listiening to unnecessary info finally was transferred to an agent to discover they were closed til 10-10 EST. Oh dear. I am really disappointed...this was going to be my little treat., I even made popcorn. spent the hour+ wasting my time instead of Relaxing and uplifting/learning with a quality film. and now I am worried I have been scammed. I shall phone back and go through the rigmoraole again because I recall one option was to cancel. I only joined on the strength that they were indeed offering view of INCEPTION... and assumed one could view a library or browse for selected titles --not at all ! Looks like just a collection of the cheapest nastiest films., feels very unwholesome !! I signed up FREE for a trial period. I think I was foolish and naive. I shall ring back now and hope for the best. Will also phone my bank in the morning to see what they have to say about this situ. and how to pre-empt being robbed. I would love to be able to download free high quality and classic films...I guess it's back to the public library...or read a book !!

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  • Co
      Sep 06, 2013

    i'm very upset with this site they just took the money out of my account without my consent which should not be they should ask if after the trial period if you want to continue then they can deduct what they want they cant deal with person like this and i want a refund... The number they listed to call for refund don't work

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  • Ar
      Nov 16, 2013

    Same for me but I didnt notice the charges until today. Found the site looking for a video to help my son do a social project in school. signed up expecting to be able to download or watch the video that was reported to be viewable, and then found that it was not. Should have read the fine print I guess. Have been charged 49.95 for the last 9 months without knowing or using the service. Called the number and the voice prompts are all about the no refund policy and how to cancel. I am furious right now. No email notice of charges, no mailed out notice of charges, no nothing - except for a ding on my account with their name on it for last 9 months. No respectable business operates like this and is a shameless despicable business that makes money by misinformation and theft.

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  • La
      Jan 05, 2014

    Sure there is a trial period, 5 days only, then you are automatically charged for a full month. Next there are 1.39 charges every few days for management fees. Or something? I must admit though the 1.39 charges got my attention and egged me on to see what was going on, hence I canceled my membership. While on the trial I was unable to download a movie. Nor was I able watch on my iPad.
    When I canceled, it took effect immediately, where now with only one week of membership the site does not refund, charges another .99 to cancel on the internet and keeps your three weeks of paid for membership with no service.
    No brainer this site is a cash grabber, verging on legitimate rules and is not going to find itself on any favourite site lists. Save your movie dollars for a more user friendly site. Sorry Film liar you get two thumbs down from this monkey, enjoy my money!

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  • Ro
      Jan 18, 2014

    I was looking for a site to watch a movie from. I started the registration process on Filmlair, but did not complete it, i.e.: I did not press the button the authorise the transaction!!! I've just been debited £30.39, circa US$65.00 and I'm really angry about it. I wish I were well off, perhaps it wouldn't matter so much, but I'm not and now that that money is gone from my account, I have no money to buy food for the weekend! I've read the complaints here, and I'd love to complain, but as I'm based in the UK, I'm basically stuffed!!! I'd swear on here, but that might offend, so have decided to do this instead: [censored]pound;$%g B^&*(@£$s, may they rot in hell. They say that what goes around, comes around...wish I could be there to see it, I'd cheer; more than that I cannot say as I could end up in trouble :)
    Pissed Off from Southampton, UK

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  • Ni
      Aug 19, 2014

    got my bank statement today which shows that have took £29.80 from my account, i have never signed up to this site and dont know how the hell they have got my bank details, my bank is on the case tho to persue them and stop refunf my balance and stop them taking further money from my account, i had never even her of them till i say them on my statement.

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  • Ms
      Aug 25, 2014

    I did a search on a TV show I wanted to watch, and it came up that Filmlair had it, so I signed up for the 7 day free trial. When I got thru the signup and into their site, turns out they only have movies (horror and porn was all I found). I went immediately and cancelled the trial, but have had 2 months charges show up on my card, don't even know where to start getting it back, as I can't find any contact info on them.

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  • Ca
      Nov 03, 2014

    TOTAL SCAM!!! I've had exactly the same experience as everyone seems to have had. Realised they didn't have what they said they had, attempted to login but couldn't, clicked on forgotten new password sent! Realised months later I'm being charged by the robbing gits!! Still couldn't login to cancel so rang credit card company to report them as a scam and stop the regular requests for payment! I cannot stress enough...DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THESE ROBBING SCAM ARTISTS!!!

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  • Ch
      May 19, 2019 / Film World Media - Unauthorized credit card charges
    carrer Camp de l´Oliver 130, E - 17401 Arbucies (Girona)

    I was informed by my bank - via Messenger - about an unauthorized charge of 45.8 Euros on my credit card on May 12th, 2019. The charge came from, an entity where I don´t even have an account. I demand a full refund.
    Thank you for your help.
    Christian Oste.

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