Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My flight was from Brisbane to Christmas Island on the 11th of March, 2014. Too sad since there is no direct flight to Christmas Island from Brisbane and so I had to transit at Nadi, Fiji International Airport. I waited for more than 6 hours at the transit lounge since we are not allowed to go outside (not sure why..). Arrived at Christmas Island the next morning and realised that one of my bags was cut open and was re-wrapped and many precious stuffs were stolen especially valuable items that were given to me as gifts from my close friends and family in Australia. I rang the nadi international airport (information centre) to connect me to the complaint centre or the police but my call was never connected and those who answered me HUNG up as soon as they realised that I wanted to make a complaint about my lost items. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS KIND OF STEALING PROBLEM HAPPENED TO ME. Finally, I rang fijiairways to make a complaint and they advised me to email them now. My advise is to never trust people working at the nadi international airport especially those who were responsible for transferring baggages cos they are good thieves and cannot afford to buy their own stuffs (I didnot say all of them but some of them).I travelled alot and I understand why these people steal things because they are poor maybe or if not its just their f... attitute. SHAME ON THEM. Next time I will put a hidden camera inside my bag so that I can see clearly the faces of those disgusting and corrupt people. I will never transit again at NADI, FIJI. I will prefer to transit somewhere else.

Mar 12, 2014

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