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Fidelity Warranty Services


Fraud and cheating

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Fidelity Warranty Services
Deerfield Beach, Florida
United States
My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 29, 000 miles all of a sudden would not start in my garage. I had Platinum service contract to cover bumber to bumper. I had the vehicle towed and Jeep automotive dealer said the security system had locked and they reset the computer and could find nothing else wrong. My contract provided for towing. I filed a claim for $75.00 and it was denied because no parts were replaced. The company representative said towing would be included if car malfunctioned. It did not state a part needed to be replaced before they would pay. This company is a rip-off.

I then tried to cancel the contract and the company referred me to the dealer where I go the car. I called and canceled the contract as about half is left on the contract. That was 6 weeks ago and to date I have received no reimbursement check. This company should be barred by the insurance commissioner from doing business --be very careful they just take your money and do not live up to the contract. No where in the contract does it say a part needs to be replaced.
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A  4th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree with you regarding Fidelity. I bought the same PLatinum service you did and they said my car broke down becuase of my error in leaving it in 4 wheel drive whch I did not even use. Even the dealiship showed it was a malfuntion and yet, they said it was my fault.

I like to get many people alike together to file a class action suit.

If interested, please e-mail ma at bok987060@aol.com
N  25th of Feb, 2009 by    +1 Votes
In any case like that I would have the dealer call the Insurance Rep. That is the Reps Job to bet the problem resolved. Its basically a matter of poor communication between the dealer and the insurance company. As for the refund it usually takes at least 6 weeks for the refund. The dealer submits the refund to the insurance company, the insurance company then sends a check to the dealer, and then the dealer will send the check to you (or it made be payable to you and your bank if there is a lienholder). I hope this helps in the future.
N  14th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
In the contract it states that work must be performed but I was lucky enough that my dealership explain that part to me. Dont' blame Fidelity blame the guy that was so busy trying to sell you the insurance that he did not explain in correctly. On a side note keep in mind that dealerships set their own prices on these warrantly. Fidielty charges them a flat fee, and then the dealership charges an upcharge, so they have an incentive to sell at all cost.
A  11th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
The Fidelity contract clearly states any refund will be sent to the holder of your loan. On the face of it, this is to protect the the lender in case the car is not in condition to be full collateral against the loan. Check with your lender to be sure they aren't inadvertently sandbagging your refund.
A  11th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Oh, you can forget about the insurance commissioner's office. Fidelity's cleverly-worded contract states you are not buying insurance. You have signed a contract to have any broken parts replaced for a flat fee.
A  15th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
This plce is a God Damn rip off!! I had an extended platnium warranty for 41k mile after purchase. Well i was at 39k when the transmission went up. The dealership agree to fix the car but FWS gave me a USED part. in the contract it states it was optional to get a new or used part!! when i called FWS the customer service rep gave me some BS on how the industrustsy dont make transmissions anymore! WTF and it has to be used. On top of that they wasnt going to cover the transmission after 2k miles CONSIDERING they was giving me a USED transmission there service parts should be at least garunteed
up until a year. When i asked the Rep what will happen if the transmission goes out again. He said to my that would be my Problem!!! So basically i was SOL!!. I informed 3, 097 people thus far to NOT get service with Fidelity and i will continue to take money out of there pockets as they done me.
A  4th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Fidelity has ripped me off. I had my car towed in because I saw the temperature gauge rising I pulled over heard a strange noise and had it towed to the dealership. They replaced a coolant tank and still couldn't figure out why it was over heating so they said they were subletting it to the mini cooper dealership. Mini said they found they a problem with the coolant cap as well and that the cylinder head had warped. Fidelity declined paying for the repairs which are costing me 4300 dollars to fix on my own. They claim low coolant caused the warp and that is my fault.
D  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
FWS has a BBB rating of A+ and is one of the best Service Contract Providers in the business.
Just like any contract, there are things that will not be covered, the Platinum Warranty which is
FWS top Warranty is an Exclusionary Warranty, meaning there are several items that are not covered.
"No" Warranty is Bumper to Bumper, not even the manufacturer warranty.
Before you decide to write in a complaint and blame others, you should get all your facts straight.
Yes, there are claims that get denied, but for every denied claim, I bet there are thousands of approved claims
and millions of dollars being spent on those claims. I believe in Fidelity Warranty Services Service Contracts the same way VW, AUDI, KIA and Hyundai believe in them so much that they are branded with FWS products. Think about that...how much research do you think an auto company does before deciding to use a Service Contract Provider to put there logo and name on for all there dealers and customers? ? ?
A  17th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Fidelity also just screwed me as well.. Would not cover anything and stated all items to be repaired were pre existing??? Really??? And how do they know that?? I have been bring my cars to the same dealership for years and trust their opinions. They stated to Fidelity that this was an issue that just happened but apparently they know it all and refused to cover. I informed my bank of fraud to retrieve my money since it was only 40 days old, and sent my cancelation letter to cover my a$$.. I will be reporting them to BBB.
N  9th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
My passenger window stopped working on my 2007 trailblazer. I went to the dealer with my platinum warranty. Dealer called for a pre-approval, made the repair and was paid by credit card immediately by fidelity. Easy and smooth. So far the company is fine by me.
D  7th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I am constantly AMAZED by the attitude people display due to their own ignorance and lack of educating themselves to what they are agreeing to buy. Does ANYONE read the contract or ASK numerous questions if they aren't sure or do they just sign, sign, sign and ASSUME that they just spent money will cover EVERYTHING? If so, I'd like to know what color the sky is in THEIR world. Every contract you purchase to cover the RISK of something catastropic happening to your investment is worth every penny spent. There are thousands of moving parts on a vehicle and one repair for an engine or transmission can cost thousands. One major repair can easily add up to what you paid for the coverage. OF COURSE...certain items and situations aren't going to be covered. Since these contracts are written on an eighth grade level with proper punctuation and everything, maybe READING it first to see what it WILL and WILL NOT cover would be a great place to start BEFORE you complain becuase you didn't take the time to ASK what you were buying. I have had three Fidelity contracts on my last three vehicle and all I can say is Thank God I did. Sure I had to lay out a few hundered here and there for uncovered items (based on the level of coverage I elected) and wearable items which the contracts CLEARLY state they don't cover after 50, 000 miles, but imagine what I would have been out of pocket if I DIDN"T have this coverage. Information on this company is available all over the net and it doesn't take much effort to discover that they PAY OUT over 10 MILLION dollars /MONTH...YES I TYPED 'MONTH' to pay claims for people jsut like you and me. EDUCATE YOURSELFS AND STOP WHINNING WHEN THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM WAS YOU!
A  14th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Clearly "EV21 is an employee or invested partner of this company. When I called to contest my claim the person on the phone had the same attitude towards me. I think that is a crock of SH#T! The customer comes first. The guy on the phone started to lecture me like I was a 16 year old teen talking back to my parents. The guy was a dick. I asked him for his ID and it was BRETT BADGE TTS. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS "contract" COMPANY. AT THE END YOU ARE RUNNING AROUND CHASING YOUR TAIL! And feeling like you just got bent over, penetrated in the rear with no lube. And EV21 Go [censor] Yourself!
N  16th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree with everyone. I bought the Platnium plan I read that it covered my cords and power for my convertable top. well now the dealership says it wont cover it and the part it does cover i have to pay half and a $100 deductable. I was told when i bought the best plan bumper to bumper that i wouldnt even pay a deductable.. I will never buy another car through that dealership nor will I buy a warenty through Fedility...
N  5th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I read the small print, when buying a 57K miles car, it said no coverage on wear and tear for vehicles over 50K miles. Sounds ultra subjective to me, I'm going to save the 2500 for if I have a repair to pay for.
N  25th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
My experience with Fidelity is not bad like others. I just want to share my experience as everyone else has (good or bad). I have read reviews about auto warranty's from CarChex and WarrantyDirect. Both sound equally horrendous, terrible, and steal your money. I had a 2008 BMW M3 with 19" low profile tires. I bought the Fidelity tire/wheel insurance (unlimited miles, $5, 000 lifetime benefit, no maximum limit per occurrence) from the BMW dealer near my house. I purchased the M3 used with 10, 000 miles. A few hundred miles after I got two nails in the rear tires. Each tire from the dealer costs $450 before installation costs. Luckily, my service advisor was great and so i did not have to deal with Fidelity myself. My service advisor told me that the Fidelity rep wanted him to spray to tires to make sure air was coming out. Fidelity agreed to replace both tires at no charge. The car was in and out within a couple days. Eventually, my tires had to be replaced due to wear and tear (my own out of pocket expenses of course). A year later, the rear right wheel hit a pothole, dented the wheel and blew the tire. Having a different service advisor this time (my former advisor left for political reasons at his work), he reminded me that fidelity originally didn't want to pay for the dented wheel and he convinced them by taking more pictures and closeups. Finally they agreed and my service advisor reminded me that he saved me more than $1, 000 for just one wheel. Keep in mind that one 265/35/19 tire costs $450 at the dealer (about $410 outside). Though, I was relieved that my service advisor took care of all this for me i did not tip him $30 as i did my previous SA, because he could not remember my name and promised me that my vehicle would be ready and kept putting it off a 2, 3 days. I didn't feel like he treated me the way a BMW customer should feel.
A  18th of Dec, 2013 by    -1 Votes
I've just had a similar issues with this company. For obvious needed repairs, the company refuses to send an inspector out to witness the car overheating and cutting off. They said that seeing this happen along with diagnostic reports and tests from several mechanics for parts covered under my warranty aren't enough. The lights verified by the diagnostic report and the car cutting off in the middle of it being driven aren't enough. THEY are a total rip-off. The mechanics have all given me the same report that since the dealership is closed where purchased is closed that I've basically gave them over 3, 000 for a platinum warranty that they will not honor. I'm not sure if they are in a financial crisis, but I really hope this company falls to pieces and is uprooted, bought out, goes bankrupt or something. It is a shame. But, I wouldn't even go as far as to purchase another vehicle from any dealership that is selling a warranty from them. PLEASE do NOT make the same mistake that I did. Listen to all the complaints on here and DO not waste your money and get ripped off as well. Thank you. I hope this report was helpful.
D  7th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
A good Warranty company. They replaced the transmission on my Audi at a tune of $6200 w/o a hiccup. In addition, the warranty also covered/replaced a power seat motor, climate control blower motor, and engine mounts. My costs? $0 because I have zero deductible. Though they did turned down the center armrest cover and driver sun visor labeled as 'cosmetics' and that is understandable. Read the clause people, the only way you'll get a full 100% coverage on a warranty is if you bought a new car, even then nothing is 100% covered such as the tires - which are covered from its respective manufacturers and are usually shorter in time length than the warranty period.
A  4th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
I have the same totally bad experience with Fidelity Warranty Services, bought a used mustang, got about 200 miles on it when the engine went out, when I called they immediately tried to weasel out of honoring the warranty and told me I had to call the dealer. the latest is that because the shop can't determine exactly what caused engine to go that they will not cover anything.
They demanded an engine tear down and stated that I had to pay for the tear down.
company is nothing but a con and rip off
N  4th of Aug, 2016 by    +1 Votes
Response to Quattro comment about Fidelity Warranty Services having an A+BBB rating, they do not as direct from the BBB web site "THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED" for Fidelity Warranty Services and they do not have an A+ rating.

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