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A terrible experience all around. I moved my investments (over 700 grand) in June 2017 and started out optimistic with some promises of good service made. I was assigned a financial consultant who left abruptly -- but no one informed me about this. I had great trouble reaching this office (making 20 phone calls over 4 days with wait times up to 2 hours) to find a new consultant, and I have not been assigned one as of yet. I've had some horrific and rude service at the Bond Desk from Robert Kirwin and Joe Schotz. Unless you just intend to invest and plan on your own using the website don't go to Fidelity-- expect ZERO customer service and guidance. I plan to move my accounts elsewhere in the beginning of the New Year, it's just been a very upsetting and frustrating experience for me.

Nov 17, 2017
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      Mar 10, 2018

    Fidelity has become the WORST by every measure and a horror to deal with for almost anything.

    Was with them for 35 years, great service - now I hate them so much!! Problem after problem, very unhelpful, useless and even lie to make you go away. Have exact same experiences as you since 2016 but now accelerating worse and just canceled my 35 year old account in retaliation for complaining to them with obnoxious nasty letter from Fidelity Risk management department stating they have right to cancel accounts at any time, for no reason and that decision is "Irreversible". This is how they treat 35 year customers !!!

    Today read over 20 such cancellations for customers complaining about bad service and found out everyone seems to be having terrible experiences. Friends are telling me same horror stories about some of them, and family.

    Fidelity is turning into Third World Dictator type of operation complete with Goon Squad - Risk management Department. Something has really changed at Fidelity, most horrible service, nasty to deal with, and don't care about customers and let you know that loud and clear. Story needs to be told in Business magazines and media.

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      Mar 11, 2018

    Fidelity Investments - Disgusting Service And Arrogance / Very Unhelpful

    I and many, many others are having the exact same horrible experiences dealing with Fidelity including lying and denial about problems, and refusal to let you speak to an executive or big manager to fix. Despite telling them that I have had Fidelity account for over 35 years, they could care less and tell me that I am the only one having extreme problems with their web page. Its so horrible, doesn't work every other week and then have to call their useless 800 number to have them do what wont work for me.

    Since 2016 Fidelity has been so horrible and nasty like this, but for decades was very good company with great service. The management is now rotten and obviously have the wrong people running he company, at least the customer service part vs fund management investor types. The whole Fidelity customer interface is horrible beyond belief, and lie after lie regarding denial of problems vs just fixing them and being nice to customers, especially long term Premium Service customers like me. They just don't care.

    Since deciding to take my business to other brokerage ASAP, I have been asking around and checking consumer web sites and find I am not alone and that Fidelity has horrible reputation and many claims of unethical and dishonest behavior let alone incompetence.

    I am also going to the Attorney General office to file formal complaints against unethical behavior and how they bloc all access to upper management who could possibly fix. There is no ombudsman, etc I believe deliberately to obstruct any legitimate complaints or knowledge of illegal and unethical activity.

    All of us need to file formal complaints with government, consumer affairs, and Attorney general offices as well as go to the media to expose this recent since 2016 Fidelity institutional behavior and have them hold Fidelity executives responsible.

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