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I have been a customer of FGUA Water Co in Lehigh Acres for 2 years. In that 2 years, my water bill has always been between $30 and $50 dollars a month except one month when I filled a hot tub twice, pressure washed the house exterior and watered new landscape plantings in which the bill was about $80. In Dec. I got a bill for $18.90. I called to let them know about the mistake and was assured that sometimes the meter cannot be read and a minimal charge is assigned. I received a bill for Jan, I got a bill for 18.90. I called and told them about the mistake again and was assured that they would take care of it. Friends cautioned me that FGUA does this alot and will then nail the consumer with a ridiculous bill. Sure enough, my friends were right. My February bill was for $500 plus dollars. After what felt like a mild stroke, I called and was informed that my home which for 2 years has averaged about 9000 gallons a month usage had suddenly consumed 75000 gallons. They sent their meter reader to check the meter and of course it is accurate according to them. They offered a $200 reduction but my current bill is over $300 dollars. Please beware FGUA. They are the only game in town so I guess that gives them the license to do as they please. If you ever get am extremely low bill, demand they read the meter immediately.

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      16th of May, 2012

    We've turned off fgua over a year ago (due to an impossible water bill as soon as the monopoly assumed new ownership over our then water company, Lindrick). We paid the bill (but regret it) and have continued to receive bills from these thieves. We are charged for no service and no product every flipping month! Today we received their extortion bill for no service and no product yet with a twist...somehow they claimed in their bill that we had used exactly 1000 gallons of water (I'm not sure how it's even possible to get that exact number but one thing is for sure ... they are lying). THE WATER IS TURNED OFF AT THE ROAD AND AT THE BUILDING AND WE HAVE A WELL AND SEPTIC TANK. This is criminal but it gets better. Our manager and I went out to the road to see the meter and not only was it covered beneath mud but was LESS THAN WHAT THE BILL WAS CLAIMING IN THE FIRST PLACE. But the real question is how does this mysterious (and sudden) change in zero consumption suddenly become an even 1k gallons and how could it possibly get into this building. Liars, manipulative, extortion, profiteering, commy ### (don't quote me on the last comment because at this juncture in the present state of affairs here I'd even try ANY other form of government right now...this one has just looted the country to the tune of 19 trillion dollars!~ (not even during the "great" depression has this country ever been in debt ...THAT'S NEVER but after 9-11 demolitions we see the american money going to the few and they're going over seas...we damn well better worry now...see, the "great" depression was hard but america has never experienced being in debt $1.00 let alone 19flipping trillion are you freaking kidding me!) . We need to educate our kids...something is really wrong here all the way around. Watch some of our videos (ex-cia are now talking as well as ex-fbi, etc.)... You can help yourselves to my hard drive until they shut me down:

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      16th of Jan, 2013

    We are so tired of these crooks! They are trying to charge us a reconnection fee?? We did not have our service disconnected. The late bill clearly says "you should be aware that if you account is disconnected due to non-payment, you will be charged an additional $123 fee to reconnect service" These people who own our water company, and the waste management company, (they weren't getting enough out of us so they split Aloha and the garbage and just starting charging us more). We pay the highest rate for water in all of Florida, and the water is smelly and undrinkable!!! Monopoly is SOO Right!!

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  • Ge
      15th of Apr, 2013

    I live in North Fort Myers and have a similar ongoing problem with these crooks. My husband was dying, he had lung cancer, and we were not in our Florida home for almost a year when all of a sudden I got a bill for 295.00. When I called to say we hadn't even been there for almost a year, I was told that then someone was stealing my water, and I would have to pay the bill. It's a gated community of old people. Believe me no one was stealing my water, but there is no reasoning with these people. I had them shut off my water until I could get down there. I eventually sent a check, but when I called them they said they had not received it, so I paid by credit card on the phone, so that they would turn the water back on. I stopped payment on the check, as the bill was now paid. The bill I got in February included a 30.00 charge for a returned check, as apparently they had tried to cash the check. When I paid that bill I enclosed a note saying I had deducted 30.00 as I had paid the bill. Now I get a bill for current charges, plus the 30.00, plus 5.00 late fee, as the payment was 30.00 short. I called the NFM office today, and was basically told too bad, I am so frustrated with this company. I pay all my bills on time, and have never dealt with such unreasonable people.

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  • Bo
      9th of Sep, 2014

    In July I terminated water service at my house, which is now in foreclosure and vacant. I paid what was listed as the "Final Bill" and now the water is turned off. Now in September I received a bill for $36.69, the bill says ZERO water usage, so I called "customer service" and they are telling me that I have to pay this "BASE CHARGE" anyway, after questioning them for the reason they told me that this charge is for the pipes in the ground???? Huh, I said I am disconnected, the house is vacant and you are charging me for sewer charges, now let me get this, lets say I had reclaimed water meter for the lawn, there is no sewer charge for that as nothing actually goes into the sewer lines, then why am I still being charged for sewer if nothing is going through the lines, and why should I have to pay this base charge anyway... By the way, this base charge is actually higher than the total bill I used to pay BEFORE FGUA took over, and is about the same I now pay at the house I am actually living in... It is totally UNJUSTIFIABLE for these crooks to charge for nothing and I am now fighting with them.

    I was reading about someone else that disconnected completely from them and had a well and septic system installed and is now totally independent from the FUA system and he is also fighting with them over the same issue.

    This has got to STOP NOW!

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  • An
      18th of Apr, 2016 the stories and i am in the same boat...this is the only water company for where i live now (FUGA) and i was paying a bill of about 70 dollars a month did not think much of it just paid it and went on with my usual business. Then its April i call because i couldn't find my recent bill, and the machine told me that i owed 414 dollars, i was like it has to be a mistake. so i called the office and it was not a mistake, they claim there reader messed up and they only charged me for the base! now my other water company i never dealt with this kind of BS, so i said because i lost my job and all how long do i have to pay this now extremely high bill the said 2 months then they disconnect, im on a budget as it is they said i could have a 3 month payment plan but i would have to pay the normal bill plus another hundred and something dollars...basically my bill will be over 2 hundred and something dollars a month, and its do to their error but like she said its no ones fault the reader messed up but i still have to pay for there faulty readings or im shut down ...i could of paid the bill if it was normally given not okay, here is 5 months of back payment sorry now pay it... Its sad they are allowed to actually get away with that, so be careful with this company FUGA...its truly a company who just cares about the bottom!

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  • This company is run by con artist. I am so PO I'm hooking up to a well this year. My bill is always about 90 dollars a mo. Except this month it's 498.00! for who knows why. Are you kidding me? All I freaking do is pay you bloodsuckers. My care broke down this week. I had to pay 500 to get it fixed, just for it to brake down the very next week. I said, oh well, I go and pay my water bill, and it's 498? why! 1, 000 out the window. I constantly work overtime just to stinking survive. I can't get help with that even if I tried. You people make me sick!!!

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